Manifest Money-Why Most People Struggle

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Manifest Money-Why Most People Struggle

There are many reasons why some people struggle to manifest money while others seem to manifest it with ease.  What can you learn to manifest money without struggling?

For one,  many people do not really have a strong belief in themselves to attract and manifest the money that they desire.  Wishing for it is not enough.  Setting up a vision board is not enough.  Taking efficient and inspired action is what will produce real wealth in YOUR life.

The Secret book and movie was inspired mainly by the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.  In that book,  Mr. Wattles explained that while you are attracting money,  it comes in the form of opportunity.  And it comes by means that we have already established in our world.  This means sales,  investments, etc.

Yet,  there are still many people that want to try to manifest money from nothing.  And this is exactly why they struggle.  You cannot try to defy the most basic economic rules and expect to have money flood into your life.  You cannot use a vision board and expect that checks are just going to SHOW up. 

They won’t.  And if they do,  it will be a coincidence and will have some other explanation.  People that ARE wealthy know this.  People that wish to be wealthy do not.  Believing that there are magical ways to just “will” money into your life is not very powerful at all.  Knowing that you have the ability to take action and make it happen is.

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