Loving Yourself First

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For some of us, this is an alien concept. For the folks whose thoughts are more along the lines of “horrific” when thinking of loving yourself first, please ponder this question? How much more of yourself could you give, if you had more of yourself to give? Isn’t that a matter of personal responsibility?

When we look at the grander picture, regardless of our personality type, emotional development is a natural part of the human condition. The great news is the more you work on your emotional awareness, the greater the return on investment!

This is possibly the most efficient model you will find in life! Not only are you putting out energy (work) to your gain. You get the further benefit of only needing to work with yourself! This means you can start at any time. It’s only you that can come to the point at the end of the day, and say, “enough for today.” There is no somebody else’s result (or lack of) that you are waiting for!

While this seems so obvious, in reality, it is difficult to achieve. Have you ever wondered why? It is all about our ‘old tapes’ or in other words, the ideas our mind recorded while we were young. When we we’re young (children), we we’re not developed enough as humans to take care of ourselves. Instead we relied (typically) on our parents. As young ones, we are very ‘me’ based. This growth leads to times commonly known as ‘the terrible two’s.’ BTW, Teenage rebellion is the 2nd major phase.

In these phases we get these ‘tapes’ about our boundaries in society. While that is great, these judgments’ can (and often do) wind up crossing over into not taking care of ourselves.

And that is when these ‘old tapes’ do us more harm than good. To us, it really is a math solution. The more you love yourself first, the more you have. The more you have, the more you can give away. The more you give away, the more you get back. It becomes a self-replicating and improving gift to yourself and the world.

As you have seen elsewhere in our series, we have a common theme that goes like this:
The only thing you are in control of is yourself. Some things are beyond our control, for example gravity. Some other things are in our control. Put effort (thought) only in the things you have control over. By choosing to love yourself first, you build more to distribute.

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