Losing Weight Can Save Your Life – 6 Life-Threatening Dangers of Being Overweight

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Losing Weight Can Save Your Life – 6 Life-Threatening Dangers of Being Overweight

While many people don’t think twice about all those pounds that keep creeping up on them on the scale, those extra pounds can really be having a negative impact on your health. For many, it can actually be the difference between live and death, because those who are overweight are far more likely to develop health problems that can literally put their life at risk. Even if you are a few pounds overweight, it is important that you understand all the dangers that may enter your life when you are over your optimum weight. You have to understand that your health and your very life is at risk. Once you understand the dangers, then you can start making changes in your life to get rid of the extra weight.

Danger #1 – Hypertension – One of the most common dangers that people who are overweight face is hypertension. People who have too much body fat tend to retain sodium in their body, which can increase the blood pressure. When you have blood pressure that is too high, it can put extra pressure on the heart as well.

Danger #2 – Diabetes – Another danger that you may deal with if you are overweight is diabetes. The top cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity, so the more overweight you are, the more at risk you are for having diabetes. When you have too much fat in your body, it can become resistant to the insulin in your body, which can lead on to diabetes.

Danger #3 – Sleep Apnea – Sleep apnea is another danger that those who are overweight often encounter. Being overweight is a leading cause of sleep apnea, and the more excess weight you carry, the more severe your sleep apnea may be.

Danger #4 – Arthritis – People who are overweight are also more likely to develop arthritis as well, especially osteoarthritis. The extra weight that is carried by the body can add extra pressure to the joints in the body, which can wear away at the protective cartilage.

Danger #5 – Heart Attack – Today being overweight is also a primary risk factor for heart attack as well. Being overweight can raise your bad cholesterol, raise your blood pressure, and bring on diabetes, which are all factors that can cause heart attacks as well.

Danger #6 – Cancer – Believe it or not, there are now links between being overweight and developing cancer as well. Studies have also shown that people that are heavier have lower survival rates when it comes to fighting cancer as well.

As you can see, there are many dangers of being overweight, and this is not even a comprehensive list of all the dangers out there. Being overweight can truly be dangerous to your health, which is why it is important that you start working to eliminate the problem today.

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