Lose Weight While Sleeping

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Lose Weight While Sleeping

Did you know that it is absolutely possible to lose weight while sleeping?

That’s right. You read correctly! You can lose weight while sleeping, which is, by far, the laziest way to lose weight known to man!

Studies have been conducted that reveal that sleep deprivation causes weight gain while getting adequate sleep can facilitate weight loss. Yes, it really is that simple. So if you eat a standard diet every single day, and the only thing you change in your routine tomorrow is that you start getting less sleep, while still eating the same amount every day, you will gain weight. If you maintain a consistent diet every day and the only change that you make to your lifestyle is that you start sleeping more, you will actually lose weight while sleeping!

But if it were that easy to lose weight while sleeping, then why isn’t everybody doing it? Why is obesity such a problem in our society?

Perhaps it is because people, in general, are getting less sleep than during previous generations.

Our lives have become more hectic, our work schedules have become more demanding, that we are shortchanging our sleep. And this is, indirectly fueling our obesity problem.

Having said that, if you need to lose weight, does it make sense to rely on the fact that you can lose weight while sleeping, as your primary means of weight loss? Can a lazy person lose weight by sleeping and doing nothing else, like exercising or following a diet?


In theory, the answer is yes. But keep in mind, that while you can lose weight while sleeping, it won’t be nearly as quick or as effective as dieting and exercise would be. On the contrary, you should treat sleep as a means to supplement your diet and exercise regimen, not the other way around!





As you might have guessed, though, there is a lot more to weight loss than to merely lose weight while sleeping.

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