Living Stress Free: The Benefits of Music in Your Daily Life

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Living Stress Free: The Benefits of Music in Your Daily Life

Living Stress Free – The Benefits of Music in Your Daily Life


Stress is something that is part of everyone. It lives within us, rearing its ugly head when life’s demands and pressures begin to weigh us down. Unique as we all are, each person can handle a different amount of stress before overload occurs. There’s always that person at work who appears to be the master of multi-tasking. Or that calm, collected colleague who gives presentations in front of a full room without any problem. Believe it or not, that person feels the effects of stress even if they don’t appear to. These individuals have the ability to flourish under these circumstances, and most likely know how to manage their stress by using stress management techniques.  Effective stress management techniques are the key to waking up every morning feeling fresh and clear headed. Music is one of the most effective techniques, yet sometimes can be overlooked as an important part of our personal healing.

Most of us never stop to think about all of the various ways we can lead a more stress free lifestyle. In this article we will focus on the direct benefits of music in our daily lives and how it can be a great factor in relieving anxiety. Taking time out of your day to be alone with some calming music is the best remedy for stress. Slow, calm, meditative music can leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful after listening. Many people are so exhausted after work that they find it impossible to do anything meaningful or productive. If this sounds like you, you probably know that playing that CD in the car after a busy day at work can truly be one of the most relaxing feelings imaginable. Music inspires us, it comforts us, and it heals us. The calming effect of music allows us to unwind and relax. We use music to relieve stress everywhere we go. When we’re on the train, we have our iPods on. When we’re driving, we listen to our stereo to quiet our busy thoughts. Music is there to help us calm down or help us relate to our emotions. Calming music helps us alleviate the stress we suffer from everyday. It’s no wonder people buy music and iPods! It’s our own portable stress reliever.

If you have high levels of stress in your life that you cannot cope with, the problem may not be with you, but with the techniques that you use to manage it. Why do you think so many people at work listen to music on their computers? Work is a stressful environment and it can be tough to make it through a day without some kind of anxiety reducer. That is why so many people use music to ease their minds and help them get through the day. The New York Times Health Guide tells us to, “Listen to music. Music is an effective stress reducer in both healthy individuals and people with health problems. In one study, for example, students who listened to a well-known gentle classical piece of music during a stressful task had reduced feelings of anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure.”  There are studies that show music can actually lower your heart rate and can reduce stress for some people, but can it reduce stress for you? The odds point to yes, but only you can discover this for yourself.

            Everybody experiences stress. Although we cannot change when and how seriously we become anxious, we can decide how we manage our stress levels. Music is a powerful weapon for combating this problem that many of us struggle with daily. Listen to music that you find to be relaxing and meditative, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed after or during a demanding day. It is important not to let stress take over your life. If you feel it creeping in, take action. If you use music to rise above your stress, you will reap the benefits, and learn to quiet your thoughts and develop an inner sense of peace.

Is there anything in the world greater than music? Music can be a comfort. Music can be a cure. Music can be a companion in times where you need a friend.  It’s our own personal stress reliever.  Here is a great website with some samples of calming music:  Stress Free Music


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