Live Life to the Fullest by Overcoming Your Fear Of Death Subliminal Messages Can Help!

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Live Life to the Fullest by Overcoming Your Fear Of Death Subliminal Messages Can Help!

It is natural to feel some fear towards death or the idea of dying. After all, no one in their right mind would find death particularly appealing. However, some people’s fear of death sometimes becomes so extreme that it develops into a phobia.

The natural fear of death escalates into a phobia when it starts to affect a person’s daily life. The phobia of death is called thanatophobia, and it is often deemed as one of the most complicated types of phobia. This is because it is rooted in so many other types of fears and are related to many others. For example, some people fear death because they are generally afraid of the unknown. The fear of death is also usually related to the fear of leaving loved ones behind.

When all the factors that add up and magnify fear of death, a phobia may develop. Thanathophobia is capable of doing a lot of things to you. Here are some examples:

It can freeze you up

It can hold you back

It can keep you from taking risks that can change your life for the better

It can put up barricades around you

It can limit you

It can make you scared of chances and opportunities

And because of all these, you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest.

Sometimes, the irrational fear is still easy to control. When you feel it coming on, you can tell your conscious mind not to worry about it and just to live life normally. But sometimes, the irrational fear digs deep and affects every aspect of your life, rendering you powerless against it.

When this happens, do you just let it wrap around you and make you a limited person?

No! Overcoming the fear of death, however extreme, is now possible. Even if it develops into a phobia and ingrains itself in the deepest recesses of your mind, there are many effective ways to fight that irrational fear.

1. Guided meditations. You can avail of guided meditations from a hypnotherapist or buy your own trance meditation audio tracks. All you have to do is follow the instructions and let the hypnotherapist or the meditation audio tracks lead you into a trance. Once you’re in a trance, messages are sent into your subconscious to change the beliefs that are found there. So if you believe that death is scary, you can actually change that belief to remove the unnecessary fear and destructive talk in your head.

If you want to take up the meditation habit, set aside around 20-30 minutes of your time every day.

2. Subliminal videos. You can also watch subliminal videos designed to help you overcome your fear of death. This is more appropriate for those who can’t spare 30 minutes of their time. Subliminal videos last anywhere between 2 to 15 minutes only, depending on the type of video you find. Subliminal videos can help free you from the irrational fear of death and dying so that you won’t be hampered by negative and fearful thoughts. Imagine how limitless you will be without these negative fences around you!

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