Light Your Life with Positive Thinking! Let Your Passions Lead the Way with the Personal Passion Formula!

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Light Your Life with Positive Thinking! Let Your Passions Lead the Way with the Personal Passion Formula!

Need some light in your life? One of the best ways to brighten your day is to engage the power of positive thinking! Need a change of attitude? Got it! Need to focus upward and onward? Got that too!

Surrounding ourselves with others who carry their enthusiasm on their sleeves (and practice what they preach) lifts our hearts, which in turn, elevates our goals! These upbeat people constantly reinforce our own pledge to positive pursuits!

We may not realize just how influential others can be in our lives. For example, here’s a scenario I witnessed not long ago while I was perusing the shelves of my local library. Two young women who appeared to be friends seemed to be researching a project together. I inadvertently walked into their encounter when I rounded the shelf in pursuit of my own quest. Although they were speaking in low tones, there was no mistaking the body language. Each appeared to feel that her choice of book was the best and that the other’s choice was “just plain stupid.” Even though I beat a hasty retreat (I sure didn’t want the negativity in my life that day), my ears burned at the vehemence of their conversation. Later, I met the same women as I approached the counter to check out my own books. They both appeared so utterly miserable! No words passed between them, but the vibes they exuded screamed their unhappiness.

Our lives can be so blessed and successful when we choose to surround ourselves only with friends and colleagues that help build us up! What a difference a kind, supportive word can make when we’re in need of a little bolstering! What a joy it is to be on the same wavelength!

Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Eliminate the pessimists in your life! Retain your current optimists, then go out and recruit more! Allow them to influence your life!

There are so many available opportunities in life! We must be wise when it comes to choosing who we share our opportunities with. Associating with people who focus on the negative aspects of life can influence us to think as they do. But the opposite is also true. When we spend our precious time with positive, forward thinkers, our outlooks are strengthened! The results are a happier, more productive life!

At times, we don’t realize that an associate may be draining us of positive energy. Perhaps the relationship is long-standing, and didn’t start out negative. As time passes, people’s attitudes and outlooks shift. Someone who was once a supporter can become a millstone around the neck as you strive to swim upstream!

Our Destiny belongs to us! We forge it daily in every decision we make – which reminds us of how carefully we must choose. Would you keep a cat that did nothing but bite and claw? Not likely! In the same light, we shouldn’t choose to include someone in our lives who erodes our confidence, talents or goals. It’s the positive thinker who will best match our joyful, constructive pursuits!

The Personal Passion Formula by Chuck Goetschel can act as a positive support in your life! It can teach you how to awaken your life passions, then really live them to realize success and abundance!

Get the positive juices flowing in your life! Get the scoop on how to live your passions! Chuck Goetschel Personal Passion Formula can teach you how to turn your passion into income! Personal Passion Formula Facts will show you the way!

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