Life’s a Beach… on Isla Margarita!

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Life’s a Beach… on Isla Margarita!

For many Brits looking to relocate abroad, weather and lifestyle are often the most important factors they consider. Whilst many would automatically think of a Mediterranean coastal town, an increasing number of emigrants are opting for a less well known island off the coast of Venezuela. In addition to its relaxing lifestyle, it is one of the few parts of the world in which unspoiled, white sandy beaches are so totally in abundance.

Isla Margarita, known as the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’, benefits from an average climate of 27?C and boasts a variety of natural scenery from mountainous terrain to lush vegetation. The area around the main town, Porlamar, offers a large number of facilities and activities for visitors including an 18 hole golf course, shops, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking. Other towns dotted around the island also have their attractions, with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to visit.

However, the prime feature explaining the growing popularity of the island is the number of high quality beaches. There are at least 50 unique beaches occupying a coastline of only 106 miles in length. Their sheer number has earned the island a reputation for relaxed and laid back living. The best beaches on the island generally run along the North and East cape; Playa El Agua, Caracola, Playa Parguito and Playa Caribe are acknowledged as the premium beaches with plenty of palm tress and turquoise waters.

Thanks to their number, beaches on Isla Margarita are not over crowded, even during the peak tourism season. Finding that secluded, private beach is not a difficult task and the abundance of beaches is only matched by the sunshine. In 2007 there were 320 days of the year having 6 or more hours of sun, with night temperatures never falling below 20?C. For both these reasons, the island has become increasingly popular over the last few years with visitors looking to spend their days on sandy beaches in the sun.

Some of the island’s beaches are particularly notable for water sports enthusiasts, such as Playa El Yaque in the south. Thanks to its windy conditions, it is internationally renowned as one of the seven best locations in the world for windsurfing and kite surfing. It is one of the most consistently warm and windy parts of the world; the shallow waters extend for 100 meters, providing the perfect conditions for beginners, right through to those who practice tricks and manoeuvres. Isla Margarita is famous among windsurfers thanks to the strong, consistent wind, warm water and temperature with the island hosting the Professional Windsurfing Association competitions annually.

Scuba diving and snorkelling on Isla Margarita are also popular activities. The island’s coastline holds plentiful and diverse underwater life prevelant in the Caribbean area such as Parrot Fish, Barracuda, Spanish Hog Fish, all kinds of Grunts, Groupers and huge Balloon Fish. The two most popular snorkelling and dive locations are Los Frailes and Isla Cubana. A snorkel trip costs on average between and a day, with scuba tours costing between and for a full day trip.

The hot, sunny beach life, combined with the various attractions, activities and sights of the island have resulted in a growing reputation for Isla Margarita as a good value alternative to the Mediterranean isles. Mark Andrew, Sales Director of Emerging Earth is not surprised Britons are becoming ever more attracted to the island:

“The British are now the island’s third major international tourist market. The sheer number of beaches and the level of sunshine is incredible and makes the destination increasingly attractive to those looking to emigrate, particularly given the low prices of property. Our Caracola Beach and Spa Resort will be the best and last truly beachfront development on the island. It represents an excellent, good value alternative to the traditional Mediterranean sunny island get away.”

Caracola Beach & Spa Resort, Isla Margarita

A range of one and two bed apartments overlooking the stunning white sands of Caracola Beach on Isla Margarita, off the coast of Venezuela. Caracola Beach & Spa Resort boasts excellent facilities including restaurants, bars, swimming pools, spa and gymnasium as well as beautifully landscaped gardens. Prices start from €79,000/ £63,000 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Peter Richards for Emerging Earth, master agent for Caracola beach & Spa Resort on Isla Margarita. For more information please visit

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