Laws of Attraction Love

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Laws of Attraction Love

Have you ever heard of the Laws of Attraction Love? Whether or not you believe in it, it is best that you review the principles of the Laws of Attraction as well as some of the more controversial methods of dating in the 21st century.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t have a standardized definition. It is defined differently by many different authorities. The consensus is that the Law of Attraction refers to a person’s conscious and unconscious thoughts, which dictate the reality of their lives – whether or not they admit it or are even aware of it. The four basic principles of the Law of Attraction are that:

(A) a person knows what he or she wants; (B) they ask the universe for it; (C) they behave as if they are already experiencing it; and (D) they open their mind and heart to receive it.

The Laws of Attraction

It’s easy to see how the Law of Attraction has been defined according to various logic systems, both spiritual and scientific. Some say the Law of Attraction is founded in the understanding of cosmic energy, while others claim it is simple quantum physics. Neither of these theories can be proven, but sure do captivate interest. Some apply this Law of Attraction it to making money, while others apply it to dating and sexuality.

Another aspect of this law is in the idea of “becoming irresistible to others.” This theory proposes that if one behaves in a manner that is dominant and attractive to others, people will be unconsciously attracted to that one, just as followers flock to a leader. This part of the Law of Attraction is based partly on the study of mammal species. The alpha male dominates the group and is attractive to others because they believe he can provide for them. When another male challenges the alpha male, he must conquer him or leave the group to start his own following. In the meantime, the followers are dedicated to the alpha male, because he has already proven himself a successful leader and one that can benefit those who associate with him.

Is this applicable in dating? Some believe it is, particularly among men. A man proves his “alpha dominance” by being confident, not intimidated by women and by painting himself as a proven “winner” in everything he does. Many women are naturally attracted to a man that is confident, has strong leadership abilities and is not afraid of what he wants – in this case, intimacy. We learn this from the monkeys, and as we all know, alpha monkeys get all the girls!

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Laws of Attraction Love

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