Law of Attraction: Leave the Baggage at the Door

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Law of Attraction: Leave the Baggage at the Door

How often do you find yourself dwelling on past experiences? Not just the experiences of your distant past but also the more recent experiences. Can dwelling on your past really make any difference in applying the Law of Attraction intentionally? Reliving your past can make a huge difference in attaining your desires. It’s time to leave your past baggage at the door and walk away from it.

Dwelling on past experiences that have strong, negative emotions attached will bring you more experiences of the same ilk via the Universe. Those feelings and emotions that you dwell on signal the Universe to bring you what you are focusing on. In this case the signal brings you more hurt and sorrow; whatever you are feeling and thinking.

Can dwelling on past experiences that have strong emotions of positive attached actually help you attain your desires? Yes they can, but you want to be careful of staying in the past too long because the Universe will bring you more past to deal with. Staying ‘in the now’ is the answer.

Looking back on past experiences to gain insight is a good thing. We can learn a lot from checking into our past at times. It’s when you look back and dwell on the feelings of negative that will affect the Law of Attraction in your life. If you look back on your past to learn what you want to do different, make sure you observe your past without the feeling attached. You will have a clearer picture of your past if you can leave the negative feelings out of it.

That baggage is holding you down. It gets heavier and heavier when you keep lifting it up, checking all the compartments, and looking at it. Leave the baggage behind and you will feel much freer. Baggage is limiting and in the Law of Attraction, life is unlimited. Your baggage serves nothing in your life, unless you let it. You can’t hang onto the baggage and expect the Universe to see that you think unlimited with your desires. Think and feel unlimited and let go of all your past mistakes and hurts so that you can practice the Law of Attraction just as it should be practiced… no limits, and with ease.

Your life will be much easier when you let go of the ties that seem to bind you. You are the only one keeping your baggage. Let it go and let the LOA serve its purpose in your life through positive thoughts and feelings. And tell those negative feelings to pack their bags!

Beth and Lee McCain are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. For more information about Beth and Lee products and services, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

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