Law of Attraction and the Secret of Gratitude

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Law of Attraction and the Secret of Gratitude

Have you noticed how everyone seems to be on the gratitude band wagon these days? Perhaps you’ve even started a Gratitude Journal or go to bed saying what you are grateful for. But, do you know the reason behind being grateful? Below I have listed three reasons why the law of attraction is so responsive to your gratitude and how that supercharges your manifestations.

The Tradition of Thank You Notes

Reason #3- When I was a girl, my parents insisted I write thank-you notes when I received gifts from my elderly relatives. I was told that, if I didn’t thank them, they would stop sending me gifts. As a child I learned that my thank you note ensured that my relative knew how much I enjoyed the gift and made it more likely that I would be gifted again! Now that I am an adult, I give thanks to the Universe for all of the gifts that I am given. This is a way of saying “Yes! I like this and will be happy to have more gifts of this type. Thanks for noticing what I enjoy.” When it comes to expressing gratitude, whether to a friend, an auntie or the Universe, it is important to let the giver know that you appreciated the gift.

Being a Good Steward of What You Have

Reason #2- Appreciation of anything is a good indicator that you will take appropriate care of it. Several abundance coaches have taught that even a penny, found on the ground, is cause for gratitude and celebration. Wealth coach, Sandy Forrester, tells that when she finds a coin on the ground, she picks it up and squeals a loud and joyful “thank you!” to the Universe. In this way, she sends the message that she is ready and able to take good care of the small things she receives. Would you entrust a million dollars to someone who squandered the money that they did have? The expression of gratitude is also like a promise: “I will take responsibility for this gift and demonstrate that I am ready for more.”

Feeling Good Creates More Good

Reason #1-Gratitude makes you feel good. This is probably the most powerful reason for being grateful. Focusing on what you appreciate in your life raises your joy vibration which attracts more joy and more of that good feeling. Gratitude and appreciation are very powerful vibrational attitudes. When you are in the gratitude mode, you can’t help but feel good. You also can’t focus on what you don’t want while you are focusing on what you love.

So, next time you remind yourself “I should write in my gratitude journal”, put some intention behind it. My intention sounds something like this. “I have so much good in my life. I want the Universe to know how much I appreciate what I have. I feel grateful for the opportunity to tend to the gifts in my life and I am ready to accept even more good into my life. It feels so good to acknowledge all of my good. My life is full of abundant blessings and I love basking in the feeling of knowing that.”

Before bed, my husband and I tell each other aloud- what we are grateful for. This is a lovely way to set ourselves up for a delicious sleep and positive dreams.

What are you grateful for? Gratitudes are a powerful way to immerse yourself in the goodness of what IS and what IS COMING.

Laurie Stolmaker is an licensed therapist, speaker, and Law of Attraction coach. Her private practice is in Santa Rosa, CA. Laurie’s genius is in guiding people to uncover and unleash the joy that is their natural birthright. She is the creator of the popular 50-day Joyful On The Way program. Claim your free recording, “Unleash Your Success” and your free Law of Attraction eBook at =>

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