Is Poor Self Esteem Stealing Your Life?

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Is Poor Self Esteem Stealing Your Life?

There is a certain group of people who move effortlessly through life, accomplishing the things they set out to do, enjoying the things they have, and going where they want, when they want. While you find yourself in a day to day struggle against poor self esteem.

Do you watch in total amazement as some people, blessed with unstoppable self confidence seem to breeze through life?

Your only course of action is to sit idly by and watch as they:

1 – function effortlessly in any social setting

2 – are completely comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone

3 – are confident and self assured in their decisions

4 – exercise seemingly unlimited powers of persuasion, and

5 – exhibit total confidence in their innate ability to obtain whatever they want.

This group makes life appear so easy. On the other hand, life for you is filled with agony.

Why does everything just fall into their lap, and nothing into yours? You work just as hard, or even harder, and yet nothing comes your way.

Like most woman, you have hopes and dreams, a beautiful home, a fulfilling marriage, wonderful clothes, and a rewarding, active social life. But those things haven’t come to you. Why?

You are acutely aware of your self esteem issues. Perhaps you even feel this is why you have never achieved your dreams. However in reality, poor self esteem is merely the symptom of a deeper, hidden issue.

That deeper issue is the real cause of your daily struggles and poor self esteem is simply a symptom of that issue. That issue has caused you to become your own worst enemy.

Rather than creating success and happiness, that underlying issue has caused you to undermine and destroy the things that bring true success and happiness.

Your self esteem sinks lower and lower as success and happiness continue to elude you. It’s important to recognize poor self esteem for what it is, a symptom, not a disease. Poor self esteem will go away as soon as the issue is corrected.

You must identify that issue as soon as possible and put it behind you. Once you do, you’ll be shocked at the speed with which your life turns around.

Imagine your life without poor self esteem clouding your thoughts. Imagine your life with unstoppable self confidence.

Imagine yourself:

1 – totally comfortable in any social setting

2 – fearlessly stepping out of your comfort zone

3 – making confident decisions

4 – having persuasive, influential power

5 – being so self confident, you are unswayed by others, and

6 – having an internal power that truly drives your life

With this unstoppable self confidence, every aspect of your life changes almost over night. Weakness and indecision are gone from your life. You are no longer influenced by poor advice from others. You have the power to live your life on your terms.

Your belief in yourself becomes unshakable and your ability to achieve becomes unstoppable. Other people start looking to you for direction and guidance and friendship. For the first time in your life, you are living life as you always dreamed it would be.

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