Inspired by The Secret – Self-Healing from Chronic Pain Using the Law of Attraction

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Inspired by The Secret – Self-Healing from Chronic Pain Using the Law of Attraction

The Secret has been an inspiration to thousands of people and it really enhanced people’s awareness of the Law of Attraction.

One woman who had been suffering from chronic illness and excruciating pain for years used the underlying message of the secret – the power of the Law of Attraction when consciously used to our advantage to transform her life.

This is the story of Jenny Mannion who used the Law of Attraction to heal herself from chronic pain.

For nearly eight years Jennifer experienced chronic pain and was diagnosed and misdiagnosed on numerous occasions. She was in so much pain that at times she could barely walk. She went through a period when she was fainting almost weekly – sometimes in the shower.

Later when she had children this became an even bigger concern. It was such a struggle to care for her two beautiful children when she was struggling just to get through the day.

She suffered insomnia because of the excruciating pain and because she wasn’t getting sufficient sleep it impaired her body’s ability to heal itself. She lacked energy and vitality. It was a vicious cycle.

In her book, “How I Use the Law of Attraction to Heal Myself from Chronic Pain”, she says that:

“I was so sad and so aware of my pain every step I took. I was 36 and imagined I felt as a 96 year old would feel on a bad day.”

She endured scan after scan, blood test, after blood test. The doctors finally concluded that Jennifer had Benign Hypermobility Syndrome (BHMS) except that there was nothing benign about what this illness was doing to her body.

And the prognosis was not good – a lifetime of medication plus she might end up in a wheel chair. She was relieved to finally have a label to apply to what she had been experiencing but also devastated.

What’s more she realized that she had become her illness.

She was told that basically she would never regain her health and counselled to hold a small funeral to formally bid goodbye to her old self. She felt that she couldn’t sink any lower.

Then, something miraculous happened. A friend had suggested that Jennifer watch the movie “The Secret” and her husband bought the DVD for them to watch in Christmas 2006.

She was so exhausted from her illness that she couldn’t even watch the movie the whole way through the first time. The second viewing was more successful and by the end of the movie Jennifer made a decision. She decided that:

“I WILL heal myself of pain.”

And she did but what is so miraculous about Jennifer’s story is that having been ill for nearly eight years she was able to almost completely heal herself within a few short weeks. What was critical to Jennifer’s recovery was her realization that the body is continually renewing itself.

However, she had been focusing on her illness so much that the blueprint she was providing her mind was that of sick body. She recognized that she had to provide her mind with a healthier blueprint to work from.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

She said that within days of shifting her focus she began to feel much better. If just her little finger was pain-free then she focused on that. She took it as evidence that her body was fundamentally healthy.

In fact, Jennifer devised an eight-step process for self-healing which she strictly adheres to.

“I had to keep myself immersed in the Law of Attraction teachings so as not to go back to my negative ways. I had to make myself find the time for self-reflection, meditation and learning no matter what else seemed to be demanding of my time.”

She is aiming to use her system which has the acronym “PAGING ME” to help her ditch the last remaining drug that she still has to take.

Jennifer says that now she is able to accomplish more in a day than she used to be able to accomplish in a week and that her relationships with her husband and children have also been transformed.

Jennifer is living proof of the awesome potential of the Law of Attraction and that miracles can and do happen.

If you would like to listen to an exclusive interview with Jennifer Mannion and learn about her eight-step “PAGING ME” system for applying the Law of Attraction then simply send an email to “Self Healing” to download the MP3 file of this interview or to listen online. You can also visit Skyline Coaching Blog for further information.

Article from The universe is conspiring to help me succeed!! It’s absolutely amazing and this stuff actually works. So for anyone who is starting out on the journey of using the power of the Law of Attraction – keep the faith! There’s more to the law than the movie “The Secret” revealed. A good book I recommend is Ether & Jerry Hicks’ – “Ask and it is Given”. Make a mind movie for yourself so you can visualise your own goals more easily. For the non-believers out there… about one year ago I started opening myself up to the universe to recieve my life partner – my soulmate. I had to break through some subconscious blocks first to really really open myself up completely to recieve – but once I did – he came – instantly!! Now it’s 7 months strong :) He is an absolute joy and I’m so lucky to have him. We are both very independent people but we treasure each other so much. It’s important to have your own goals and aspirations when you’re in a relationship. We’re there to support each other and share the journey together. It always happens in the most crazy way – we are both physiotherapists and we’re born on the same day!! How crazy is that! Anway, my point is – the law of attraction is real. Once you open yourself up and try it out, you’ll be amazed at the “evidence” it gives you. The universe actually delivers. Then it gets really scary cos you realise oh my gosh i can have anything i want. It’s important to be careful what you wish for cos it will
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