Importance of Nutrition For Six Pack Abs

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For years there’s been a notion in the US that the best way to lose fat and uncover those rock solid abs is to eat less fat. Even doctors will recommend a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet for curing obesity. Mathematically it seems logical, but the only problem is… our bodies aren’t mathematical equations! ‘Fat In’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘Fat Out’. Instead if we take a look at biochemistry we can find the root to our body fat problems.

Rather than eating carbohydrates, eating fats (not trans fats) that naturally occur in foods have proven to increase fat loss. I know it doesn’t seem logical, but remember our bodies don’t work on logistics. So what occurs here chemically is that eating natural fats does not cause your fat storing hormone, insulin, to rise resulting in your desire to eat more food. Food fat causes the stomach to empty more slowly than either carbohydrates or protein and it imparts satiety – the satisfied feeling you have after eating. If you reduce your fat intake below 20% of total energy intake, you will get hungry quicker. Thus, despite eating fat in the form of grass fed beef, seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut oil or fish, you will actually feel fuller, eat less, and reduce your chances of suffering from unsightly belly fat.

Low fat and fat free foods are not the magic solution for weight loss and uncovering those rock solid abs. One thing to be aware of is when fat is removed from a product, something else must be added, usually carbohydrates in order to maintain a desirable taste and texture. Consider the increase in the number of low fat foods while the American public’s average weight has gone up. Low-fat, high carbohydrate eaters have the perfect biological environment for obesity as this diet causes their blood levels of glucose, insulin and triglycerides to skyrocket. When your blood sugar drops, your body goes into a storage mode and your metabolism slows down. Also, when you eat high-carb foods you trigger the release of insulin, which tells your body to store fat. Not to mention that your energy level drops with your blood sugar, so if you eat a high-carb diet you will most likely lack the energy you need to exercise. Including good fats with every meal helps to keep your blood sugar stable. This maximizes your metabolism by providing your body with a steady supply of fuel to burn throughout the day. So, judge your food based on its effect on insulin (via glycemic load (you can use online glycemic load charts)), and count calories second.

People on low-fat diets typically avoid protein foods from animal sources because they contain saturated fats. Another sign of protein deficiency is poor muscle tone. People on lowfat diets often find it nearly impossible to lose weight or build muscle, no matter what they do. Even though they work out two hours a day four times per week, many dieters complain that they still fail to see the results of all their hard work when they look in the mirror. The reason for this is that they simply lack the protein they need to build strong muscles.

So if you really want those rock solid abs, start eating more fat. Avoid trans fats, of course, and give preference to fats with omega-3’s. Beware if you’ve eaten mostly bad fats in your life or have spent many years on a low-fat diet, chances are your gallbladder will need a little work before you will be able to completely digest generous amounts of good fats in your diet. Coconut oil is very easy on the gall bladder. If you are just beginning to add fats to your diet after many years of low-fat foods, your best choice is to start cooking with coconut oil to slowly introduce them back into your diet. And remember… You’ve got to exercise too!

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