Imagining powerful goals for life

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Imagining powerful goals for life

Goals differ depending on the range varibles to many to mention here, but goals seem to be something intrinsic and inate and those who are seeking new goals I am starting to think they no longer need to know anything about this topic, afterall when ever this topic is raised most seriously proffessional seeking friends I have smile and tell men two reaccuring things, there life story and how they changed everything, but what they don’t tell me about is there hobbies and the burning desire to learn the things they loved, what they focus on is the problem. This is good I do not mind hearing people’s problems and how they solved their problems afterall half way through the conversation I am starting to think I can help them but in actual fact I am not. You see I am doing it. So how can we read stories about goals, when actual fact more would be learned from success books, autobiographies and other forms of passive reading.

The industry of mentoring has sky rocketed and information about complicated things is being taught to students like me in universities, this is why students jokingly by many are called know it all’s or busy bodies interested in learning. Learning and mentoring go hand in hand and those without the paid education are turning into mentors, really I find it ridiculous that people can even more than one individual. Its like a tin of soup you buy the soup one because we recognise the label and two because we have a message somewhere that its nice but above all its convenient. But you do not need someone like me to tell you how convenient it is, or how easy it is to open the tin or how easy it is to dispose of the can or more importantly whether you should throw it out of your cupboard after a few years. I for one have never thrown any can of soup from my cupboard into the bin without at least opening it, myself. Do you get that? I open the can myself, well with a little help from a tin opener tool.

If goal setting is the least of my problems and I am a master of many different things and have 1001 different things I wish to achieve when and even if I wanted to go to Vegas, why would I be writing this article, or transcribing it into some MP3 audio quality with my croaky voice, when there is already a wonderful abundance of information in a lifetimes amount of books. learning new topics is an important part of life but without picking up on good reasons that are congruent with goals surely mentoring is wrong unless of course it is a lifetime commitment from say someone like your parents, have you honestly shifted into this age where we can just hand our will over to the powers of persuasion or go on Facebook and end up receiving phone calls for more education, on more mentoring on more affirmations that failure is imminent without some prolific guidance.

In life the luxuries we already have are good enough and many of us are busy thinking about things we used to do when the balance of time management was inline with getting home from a hard days work and simply pressing a button and hey presto you only have a limited amount of television stations to love, nowadays the nostalgia of television and the switch over of digital has not yet solved the problem of where you left the remote control or why didn’t the program record form last night, these are just a handful of distractions that normal people face and struggle with everyday. This problem in particular in can solve, buy a cheap second hand telly with a remote control the size of a can of super strength lager just so you do not loose it, ok. But the settings sometimes baffle me; similar to goal setting I do not honestly care to follow through, I just simply give up, after reading the manual, and to answer your question no I will not need your assistance with my remote control. You see how obsessive goal setting must be for me and many others.

Luckily there a simple step by step guideline in which: yes you love it, follow it to the instructions, and do it repeatedly everyday with some clear goals, and baby-sat by five massive blokes who you have never met before; through your own home into the kitchen, past the toilet and into the hall way. That aside without mixed media mentoring this would not be happening, often when the phone rings I think oh I best turn of my Brian Tracy self help CD and answer the phone only to find someone telling me I need help, it will cost me and anyone else I can think of who might be interested in this, goals are innate there all different but they need unleashing, please unleash them today, if it takes tenacity then do this is, if it requires fitness health care and persuasion then I’ll do this to, I will but please do not build up hopes and leave me lost somewhere on some beautiful island where nobody else can afford or even know even exists. I would like to tell you all my amazing goals about pleasing everybody else around me but I will refrain from this simply because this type of energy in all its abundance is like everything, “I have a memory like a sieve”.

Luckily just the thought about goals and aligning myself with new people and avoiding how I do things and now concentrating on getting stronger I am confident something good is going to happen, there are many rules of thumb with all the various levels of goals we seek and the wonderful time lapse of things we set out to do, but in reality humouring and reflecting on personally constructed props I surround myself with, the goals can be remembered and this comforts me when times are hard because I know this in turn will pass, I am old enough to know this is true. But when I see people sharing there life and offering to mentor me, little old me I get impressed, I am sure there are many people like me, but the reality is if I had a whole heap of achievements I would be so happy I would actually feel insulted by these types of propositions.

Here’s why, “I know no one else is going to help me”, its up to me right? But with a few subtle subliminal hints and a open spectrum of goals shining outside my window as the sun comes up with will inevitably help, you wanted help right that’s why your reading this well we are just passing time in whatever way we can and if your like me your not always looking for solutions, your just looking to get from a-b. I know I know b could be z and all the other letters in-between could one day be crunched into one little sit up but powerful goals I find quite difficult, I love life but find it difficult sometimes. Why? You may well ask why (as you wonder why the hell I am talking to myself) It’s difficult because when you take enough time to learn and understand you begin to realise actually its not all good. I want to help as many good people as I can, I have and am sure and now we will continue to receive lots of great help and I have not forgotten this however when it comes to setting goals its just like every person will make you believe is: just do it, do it, do it.

Practical knowledge is good and realistically the idea that practising the steps needed to get to your goals is good but when writing a book depending on your own intrinsic story writing the headlines before you embody yourself in the text should comprehensively set you of to a good start. Thinking things over, helps, but often when you are caught up in goals some people around you may not mention these significant changes and will continually, accidentally insult you, or say the wrong thing, and similarly you could be so wrapped up in your goals that everything already precious around you crumbles, (recognise the doom and gloom) this is why team management works and this is why many people who sell mentoring actually don’t even do the mentoring. We all know about the global economy and how good that is and we also know that every penny we spend or give away will be replaced by all the good work we do day in day out. But the truth is many people do this from a beach, and command infinite processes from this same beach with that same laptop they had last year, why because it still works. The TV might not work, you might even still have a picture and you might not even care about the reception or the wonderful abundance of colours.

In conclusion the biggest self help I have experienced so far without seeming rhetorical or displaying any whining and winging traits or telling you about all the distractions I would say the best thing if you want goals is to keep doing whatever it is your doing, don’t change a thing your doing absolutely fine, really. If you have a burning desire to win and you have won before you will experience this again, if you have you wits about you and can see or feel clearly all around you and develop a sense of things coming your way you will continually avoid them, the key in this sense I guess to goal setting is keep busy and no-one will ever know. No distractions. No eyes on you asking you about what is the step by step plan and least of all no confusion. Remember today 2010 we live in a very confusing yet wonderful world of information. If you have like me spent time investing in this then one of your goals should be how can I share this with good people whom I trust and think will save the world from all the things that pop up, perhaps this is why so many good people want to mentor, but my argument would be would this not be given freely if that intention was so innate, and if their solutions are so amazing then why are they even explaining it to me, I know the coo, and I am sure you do too regardless of what I say here you agree, the trick is tell me your story.

Sun Ra: “History, history I know his story, what’s your story?”

My names Robert Bridge please now go onto read my little back-link about bodybuilding

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