Illusions and the Anti-Life Philosophy of Destruction and Despair

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Illusions and the Anti-Life Philosophy of Destruction and Despair

The last work Ayn Rand planned before her death in 1982 was a series of essays released as the book “Philosophy: Who Needs It.” Her conclusion is that everyone needs philosophy. Unfortunately many people drift through life without any exact philosophical principles guiding their existence. They willy-nilly pick up and saturate their mind with bits and pieces of information-information that cannot be integrated in a coherent philosophy of life. They hold on to these contradictory “ideas” as if their whole being, their life depended on them.


Some metaphysicians claim that an individual’s existence on earth is an illusion of limited consciousness. Maybe-maybe not. However, I do think that what most people believe about their existence is based on illusion after illusion. Many individuals of higher awareness believe that over 95% of what people accept as truth is actually an illusion.

If you investigate the physical sciences you realize that they are systems of inductive reasoning. I think it is evident that most individuals attempt to adhere to these laws. If a person dashes in front of a speeding automobile or attempts to fly off a 100-story building by flapping his arms it is obvious he will end up dead. Purposely violating the laws of physics is insanity. I admit that quantum physics is opening doorways into extraordinary realms of knowing. Still Newtonian mechanics is quite applicable for everyday life on the physical plane.

Mathematics, logic and praxeology (economics) are deductive systems of thought. Now it is evident most people make an effort to practice and apply the laws of mathematics correctly. Tragically, the laws of logic and praxeology are violated or all together denied. These are the areas where illusions and delusions are running amuck. Years of observation and a crumbling economy has convinced me that 95% of what people believe about praxeology and logic is false. In fact I’m certain that most don’t even recognize that these disciplines exist. And I guarantee the establishment wants to keep it that way.

Praxeology (Economics)

Praxeology is the science of human action. Its better-known part is economics. In no other area of science are basic laws blatantly violated or ignored than in economics. A faulty system of downright falsehoods has been invented so people can perpetuate their illusions-and these illusions are destroying the fabric of our economic system. We are now a nation of the delusional and because of this our economy is on the verge of collapse.

You may be wondering why someone would so dearly hold on to their delusions-when their survival and the survival of their country is at stake. Well, there are two reasons.

1. The privileged individuals of the establishment possess an insatiable desire for wealth and power. They will resort to any means to retain their power positions. This is why they support the destructive system of government interventionism. They don’t care who suffers the consequences of their evil pursuits. In order to gain the support of the masses they advocate the anti-life philosophy of altruism. They pretend that this is in the masses best interest. This has to be one of the most successful con games of all time.

2. The masses have been convinced that they deserve the “good life” whether they have earned it or not. Of course, the establishment brainwashes them with the illusion that government interventionism is the means to supply them with everything they desire. Since the masses know nothing about economic law, they unwittingly accept the evil, destructive philosophy of altruism. They wait in line to receive unearned benefits-not realizing that the “benefits” are supplied at their own expense-they are unwittingly expropriating themselves for the power structure’s greed and avarice.

These people, including the actual beneficiaries of government interventionism, are oblivious to the fact that they are consuming the seed corn of economic progress and well-being. Illusions are difficult to give up. They are habit forming-more addictive than the vices the Absolute Moralist so ignorantly attempts to prohibit. The laws of praxeology and logic (praxeology is a system of logic) tell people that there is no such thing as a free lunch. They explain the laws of cause and effect in human relations. And these laws prove beyond any doubt that all interference with voluntary exchanges have undesirable consequences. Government interventionism on the marketplace can only exacerbate the situation-and that it has sadly accomplished.

Destruction, Despair and Hope

The anti-life philosophy of altruism is reaping the horrible consequences of destruction and despair. Individuals can’t continue to live at the expense of others and expect to reap a profitable crop of prosperity and abundance. Once the virtues of self-reliance, honesty and productive effort vanish, the only result they can expect is the destruction of all that is good and sublime.

I hope that out of the ashes of despair a philosophy of hope, honesty and accomplishment arises and ascends to glorious heights. And what is that philosophy?

It is an integrated philosophy extolling the virtues of rational selfishness, self-reliance and unhampered capitalism. Since these virtues put into practice will result in unheard of prosperity and abundance-something wondrous will also occur-a spiritual revolution. More and more individuals soar to a higher awareness-to a glorious New Age of Enlightenment.

Robert A. Meyer has been investigating and studying economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics for 30 years. He realizes there are basic principles of Human Action that will help you become successful. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to discover “The Libertarian Way.” He experiences its many pleasures and ecstasies on a daily basis.

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