Hypnotherapy Career Options

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Hypnotherapy Career Options

Hypnotherapy is the process of using hypnosis for therapeutic value. It may be used as a technique involving use of age regression, visualization, post hypnotic suggestions etc. It helps in stress relief, pain management, treatment of fears or phobias etc. As a hypnotherapist your aim is to access deeper parts of minds to help people overcome various psychological and physical conditions. The aim of a hypnotherapist is to bring deep relaxation to the clients and make suggestions to their subconscious minds to help them alter negative patterns of behavior.

There are various career options available for hypnotherapists to specialize in areas such as sport hypnosis, pain management, forensic hypnosis, pediatric therapist, hypnosis for childbirth, hypno-anesthesia and many more. The programs are designed such that those who wish to learn alternative medicines can practice it easily. There are career opportunities as private professional practice for even those who want to want to undertake it as part time career.

Sport hypnosis is one area where hypnotherapy has been as far back as 1956. It is a combination of hypnosis and sports psychology that can help sportsmen overcome psychological problems like anxiety, motivation, mental blocks and competition preparation. Such therapists can also help sportsmen to improve sports performance. If you have some qualification in sports psychology or experience in the field you can take up a certificate level course to get started with a sport hypnotist’s position.

Another interesting area is pediatric hypnotherapy that involves treating behavior disorders, chronic diseases, pain and even discomfort. Behavior problems like habit disorders like thumb sucking, bedwetting, sleep terrors, food aversions anxiety and stress, etc. You may teach children self-hypnosis as a way to learn to exercise control on their body.

Forensic hypnosis can also be an interesting career option. It is investigating with hypnosis as the main tool. It is a highly specialized application and requires specific trainings and skills. It is very important to protect the integrity of its use and evaluate whether it should be used in a particular criminal or civil case.

There are other types of specialized hypnotherapy careers available. Mostly those taking up this career opt for its well paying and flexible nature. Many who do not like their current job and don’t see themselves in a better role for some time find this as a good opportunity. It can even help them in their own field as well, for those who wish to make a more fulfilling career. Most that take up hypnotherapy as a career plan to set up their own clinical hypnotherapy practice. It can be very rewarding financially and act as an attractive career booster. A Diploma in Hypnotherapy with its NLP competencies makes the course well suited to those who want additional skill sets. In addition to counseling and medication and nursing other people focused professional option like management, coaching, training is also available. There is demand for hypnotherapists and there is an increase in the volume of referrals from GPs and health insurers.

It is useful to attend a hypnotherapy training course, although it can be even better if you have experience in healthcare and counseling. There are regulations being brought about by the main professional association to regulate hypnotherapy and create standards of practice. Hypnotherapy is a great option for those who want to learn hypnosis for self-improvement and personal growth.

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