How You Can Reduce Your Stress In 2 Simple Exercises

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How You Can Reduce Your Stress In 2 Simple Exercises

We are all under stress at some time in our lives and for some people they experience stress on a regular basis. Many of the causes of stress are things that are out of control such as bad weather, a traffic jam or a delayed flight. Many people take these personally and that is why they get stressed out about it. The key whether you get stressed or not is how you respond to the situation. The best way to respond to situations that are out of your control is to accept them. This is easier said than done especially, if you have a habit of stressing out. However, these reactions are only habits, and habits can be changed.
The next time that you find yourself in a stressful situation as a result of something outside of your control then use the following stress reduction techniques to help you relax.

Relax your breathing

When people become stressed their breathing patterns change. Their breathing becomes more rapid, short and sharp. Breathing this way increases your blood pressure and anxiety levels. Therefore, if you can control your breathing to a relaxed rhythm when facing a potentially stressful situation you can cope with it far better. Slow your breathing down and breathe in for a count of eight. Breathe deeply to the pit of your stomach. Breathe through one nostril when breathing in and exhale through the other nostril when breathing out. Use your finger to press against the nostril to close it. Do this for about 4 to 6 times until you feel relaxed and calm.

Relax the body

Stress makes our body especially our muscles very tense. Therefore, it is important that you keep your body relaxed most of the time. This can be achieved by lying down or you can do it sitting in a chair. What you have to do is tense the muscles groups in your body for a couple of seconds and then relax for a few seconds and repeat. Each muscle group or limbs are done individually. For example, you can begin with your legs and tense and relax the calf or thigh muscles. To get the maximum benefit you must progress all the way up your body until you reach your head. When you have reached your head you then tense your whole body and then let go. This tensing and relaxing technique is a great way to reduce the build up of stress in your body


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