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Oftentimes we spend all or our time and energy focusing on driving traffic to our website, and forget to pay attention to what’s happening once someone reaches our site.  This would be equivalent to your local grocery store spending all it’s time getting customers in its doors, but never worrying about whether they bought anything once they went inside.  Grocery stores spend inordinate amounts of time, money, and research testing and offering their products in different ways to make you want to buy their stuff.  Your website should be no different.   Let’s make a comparison…

Put your best deals up front:  Have you ever seen the bins of buy one get one free offers at the grocery store?  They’re usually up front where you can’t miss them as you walk in the door.  Grocery stores are on to something here and we as online marketers can learn from all their hard work and testing.  Make your offer up front and very visible on your webpage.  Don’t make your customers go hunting to find your offer.  Make it the most dominant thing the user sees when they come to your page.  Typically, research shows that people will first look at the upper left part of the page first, then scan the center and then back to the left side of the page again.  Also, web users are impatient and need to be sucked in to your website immediately or they will leave, so don’t dilly dally around the point… get straight to it! 

Move stuff around:   Grocery Stores are always moving items around and testing their locations and your website should be no different.  Test different layouts on your page to see which way your customers prefer looking and interacting with your website.   Just because you like the killer article you wrote and posted last night and you think it should be smack dap in the middle of the front page doesn’t mean that your audience will agree and take the end actions you’re wanting as a result of it.  So test it and be sure!

Don’t make people wait:  If a line starts brewing at the checkout line the first thing you’re going to hear is a call over the intercom for some more assistance at checkout.  Why?  Because grocery stores know that people do not want to wait.  We are in a fast paced society and we don’t have time to waste.  If it’s true offline you can bet it’s worse online.  Make sure your site load times are optimized to load quickly.  If your website doesn’t load in 12 seconds or less (with a 56k connection) you’re going to lose nearly half of your visitors.  Realistically, with high speed connection you want your site to be loading in about half that amount of time.    So what can you do?  The biggest culprit for slowing things down is pictures.  Make sure your pictures are optimized for the web.  Get rid of pictures that aren’t really serving any purpose in supporting your end goals.  You can also use free software online to reduce your image sizes.  Google offers  free photo editing software, Picasa, that will do the job. 

Make things easy to find:  Why do grocery stores leverage the middle shelf down every isle?  That’s were the majority of people are looking.  Think about it, how often have you seen the OREOs on one of the back aisles, on the top corner shelf?  Never… that’ s where you’ll find the gas start logs!  OREOs are always in a middle to font aisle, halfway down, on the middle shelf… at perfect level for my kids to never miss them!  Your website should be the same way.  Don’t make people go hunting for what you’re offering.  Arrange your content in an easy to understand way so that the visitor moves from one section of the site to another without confusion or frustration.  Remember if people get frustrated or confused they’re on to the next site.

Make things clean and tidy:  You’re not going to buy food from a dirty grocery store and your website is no different.  Make your website look clean and tidy.   It should have a professional look about it.   People are not going to give up their hard earned dollars if they don’t trust you.  Including information like your support phone number, physical address, and guarantee on the site will give people  the ‘ready to buy’ warm fuzzies and increase your credibility.

Offer candy at the checkout:  Why do grocery stores offer candy at the checkout?  Easy… You’re already in the buying mode and more than likely if it’s presented to you, your reaction will be something along the lines of, “what could a little extra sweet treat hurt!”  Research shows when people are in the buying mode they are more likely to be open to your other offers.  So if you have companion offers, up sells, or down sells then during the checkout process is the time to offer it.

Who knew you could learn so much from a grocery store!  A wise mentor once told me… If you want to be successful… just do what other successful people are doing.  So I pass this wisdom on to you!

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