How You and Society Contribute Towards the Achievement of Personal Success

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How You and Society Contribute Towards the Achievement of Personal Success

“Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for it is better to be alone than be in bad company”. These are the words of George Washington which I happen to completely concur with. In order to be the best in business, career or family you have to affiliate yourself with individuals that add value to your life.

To positively impact society you need to implement strategies that will physically, spiritually and mentally add worth to your personality. It is really disappointing to see people getting involved in activities that are detrimental to their personal growth. It is a high time parents and guardians take up their responsibility of instilling good morals to their children and especially teenagers, so that they become dependable citizens.

Someone once said “show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of a person you are”. Peer pressure contributes greatly to how we behave and later become in life. Therefore choose your friends wisely, that is if you desire to succeed in life. Encircle yourself with people who will motivate and encourage you to achieve.

In order to succeed, you need to stretch yourself to be the best you can be. Giving up is a trait associated to failures while on the other hand achievers never give up until they attain success. It is true that life is full of obstacles but also realize that challenges are there to be overcome.

The cost of failure is to much a burden to bear, you would rather work hard to realize your dreams and experience the sweet feeling of accomplishment.

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Sasha Cobra answers questions at a seminar (April 25th, 2010).

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