How to Survive in the Wilderness – Sleeping Skills in Outdoors

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How to Survive in the Wilderness – Sleeping Skills in Outdoors

It is becoming more and more popular to go camping. Some people even choose to sleep in outdoors. As a result, it becomes important that we need to know some sleeping skills when sleeping out of the doors to ensure our safety.

It is the top priority to have a comfortable sleeping no matter one is using a new purchased sleeping bag or an old one. It is because that sleeping bag can not self-heating but just reduces the body’s heat release or slows it down. Thus, the best way of having a good sleep is that we should store as much heat as possible. In addition, external environmental factors can also affect sleep quality. Here are some tips for us to attention when sleeping.

Be away from the adverse environment

It is very important to for us to choose a good environment to put up our tent. For example, it can increase about 30 degrees of the temperature if you find a proper position to put up the tent. Instead, the temperature may slow down sharply when you choose a wrong place for camping. You will feel very cold when you sleep by the side of a river because it is the place where the cold air meets and lower the temperature; at the same time, do not camp on the ridge crest where one could feel the strong wind. It will be better to select a forest place or a leeward side place.

The material and fluffy of sleeping bags

Different kinds of sleeping pads are different in heat-insulation coefficient. People should choose different sleeping bags in different seasons. For example, it is better to choose a thick and warmth mats with temperature ratings to ensure the comfortable sleeping temperature.

In addition, it’s better to get ready for the sleeping bag once you finish setting up the tent in that a new purchasing one is often less warm due to its long time squeeze.

Full Waterproof of the sleeping bags

One important factor of sleeping outsides is to make sure the waterproof of the sleeping bags. No one can bear sleeping in a wet place. If your sleeping bags can not waterproof, it is better to choose a large garbage bags to replace that function. It is advised to wear adequate clothing when you are sleeping in your bag, or you are considered to wear too much clothes. It is believed that one should take a hat when he is sleeping because half of the body’s heat will dissipate from the head.

Have a good meal before sleep

For people, food is just like the fuel to a car. It is advised to have some kind of high-calorie food with adequate water before sleeping instead of sleeping with an empty stomach.

The main theme for picnic meal is what is the most critical to have for meal because the food should be simple and varied in the wild. It will be better to have buffet in order to avoid the trouble of heating. For example, you could choose salad, ham, smoked fish, salt water duck, eggs, dried bean curd sauce, homemade pickles and so on, which are both portable and delicious picnic food. And they will ensure you enough heat and have a good night.

It is need to remind that we should pay attention to the safety by using fire in the fied. We should pack back the garbage after the meal.

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