How to Perk Up Organizational Skills?

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Organizational skills – the one vice that so many of us struggle with, and continually keeps us living at mediocrity. It’s a skill we can all improve. In days of old there were no tools to assist you in organizing and running an efficient life. You were limited to your good ol’ memory and at best a paper calendar.

Then along came the ‘day-timer’. Beyond the original expense of the binder you could organize your whole life in one tiny little book. But there was one problem with this approach. Can you conceive the horror of a lost-damaged-stolen center of your life?

And then Microsoft developed ‘Outlook’. An exciting and fantastically automated digital calendar. Complete with a full calendar, pop-up appointment reminders, color coded categories, contact management, and email! Quite the improvement over the day-timer, and worked magnificently unless you had to leave your computer at which time you’d have to print out your calendar and essentially you were back to your day-timer.

Today though we have many new options and we strongly suggest using “The Cloud”.

What is this magical tool?

Some call ‘The Cloud’ the Internet, some Web 2.0, or those on the cutting edge – Web 3.0. The idea is to forget the ‘day timer’, put your data up ‘somewhere’ on the Internet, and be able to access it from anywhere. Of course there is Google, and about 999 other options today that you can pick from. Outlook has even gone mobile. Here are a few options you might want to consider.

Google offers a complete office solution with their and for free. You can access your calendar and important documents from anywhere with these tools. You can even share documents with clients or partners.

Suppose you don’t ‘trust Google’ and you’re afraid they will be “taken out” and your data will be gone forever. Do you think Microsoft has enough cash to hang around for a year or two? If you answer yes, then consider and

You get 5GB of storage for free, but for the heavy-duty types that want to say, “Oh, well Microsoft doesn’t offer enough storage for me,” you can add to your free storage at OfficeLive with for 25 Gigabytes of storage (free, from Microsoft). Some say, “Not good enough, I need to communicate with my small business.” OK. Then consider Here you can build a website, then select a domain name, add emails as well as store and share office documents.

Ultimately, like we said there are an unlimited number of free and paid solutions online to help keep you organized today, but the key is you have to want to be organized. If you keep coming up with excuses to not put out the effort to do it now then, that is solely between you and your inner-self to work out.

Our clear point is it is easy to find excuses why something does not work. The issue becomes do you (or not) have the courage to stop hiding behind excuses and start using the tools that are available now, and for free?

At the end of the day, you can pretend you didn’t read this. And we would not be doing our jobs if we didn’t say the tools exist for you, at no cost, to perk up your organizational skills. There is no excuse when you can have them always accessible from anywhere. Even being ‘offline’ is no excuse when “cloud day-timers” can live offline and ‘re-sync’ when re-connected to their computer. Heck, today with Apple’s MobileMe application you can sync your Google or Outlook calendar with your iPhone wirelessly!!

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