How To Motivate Yourself To Work From Home

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How To Motivate Yourself To Work From Home

How To Motivate Yourself To Work From Home

How to motivate yourself to work from home, that is the question, to Be, then Do, and you will Have.

Your mindset is the most important thing in motivating yourself to start working from home.

Get Yourself Unstuck, recreate yourself, become so confident about your success that it is undeniable, assume greatness.

Easy to say right. What motivates you, Family, financial freedom, freedom that comes from working for yourself, find out ,what does it for you.

Forget Failures and Forget Accomplishments-You Can Do Better


Each day is yours to with what you will.

Some facts about the world you live in that amazes me.
Ants can lift 50 times their own weight.
Butterflies taste with their feet!
All the Planets in our Solar system rotate counter clockwise except Venus?
There are 800,000 kinds of insects, total estimate of 10 Quin trillion insects!
Scientist know that a lightning strike happens in two’s, first strike is 300million volts, it is the leader strike hitting the ground, only 1/50th of a second later, a second more powerful return stroke travels back up to the cloud, following the path through the air opened by the leader stroke, WOW!
Build your dreams, make them so vivid you can picture them in your mind.
Write them down look at them every day.

How to Motivate Yourself To Work From Home
L P D – Learn Plan Do
A=A – Action Creates Action (Issac Newton)
A P E – Attitude (postive) People (mentors,accountability) Enthusiasm
.)(. – Make 20 belly to belly contacts a day for success, metorforically.
V > P=$ – Value is greater than Price equals $ Income.
So you have to plan then do it.
Action creates things to happen. Do Something.
Attitude, got to have it hopefully positive. People, find mentors who can guide, instruct and keep you accountable. Enthusiasm, get it build on it with meditating on your dreams.

You need help so look for those who have gone on before you into the vastness of space, Oh that’s Star Trek sorry. Well you need a sense of humor along with the right mentors. Look for those who have made a path like the first lightning strike, that will allow you to follow them to success .

To see video on this topic go to; How to Motivate Yourself To Work From Home

Luck, live long and prosper.

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Over 30 years as a Sales Trainer and professional Salesmen. Representing companies online by advertising through many venues. Boy Scout leader for 25 years. Interests: White water kayaking,Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, and doing whatever my Sons want to do.

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