How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

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How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

Sleep deprivation affects all areas of our life mental,emotional and physical.Loss of sleep can cause difficulty concentrating, fatigue and lack of energy emotional instability and memory loss. Many of us experience the occasional night of sleeplessness but when it becomes a pattern of several or more nights you could be facing a sleeping problem Signs of a sleep problem is waking up during the night or failure to maintain a sleep state, feeling tired after sleep,waking up early after less than six hours of sleep. Do you have any of these symptoms? because if you do you need to address the problem and find ways to enable you get a good nights sleep.

You should make getting regular good sleep a priority. Sleep is a biological need essential for our survival because our body needs sleep in order to replenish and rejuvenate. Do not neglect the importance of a good nights sleep.Make getting enough sleep a priority and see how much better you will feel in your daily life.

So how much sleep do we need?

This mainly depends on your age. Babies sleep for about 17 hours each day. Older children only need 9 or 10 hours each night. Most adults need around 8 hours sleep each night. Older people need the same amount of sleep, but will often only have one period of deep sleep during the night, usually in the first 3 or 4 hours. After that, they wake more easily. We also tend to dream less as we get older.

So what can we do to help us get a good nights sleep? You need to have a bedtime routine. Do not go to bed feeling stressed or agitated get yourself into a state of calmness by listening to some relaxing music or reading and avoid watching negative TV programs that will prey on your mind. Watching a good comedy movie is a good way of going to bed feeling good. Avoid eating late at night you are better off having a glass of warm milk just before you go to bed. Calcium taken just before bedtime calms nervousness and helps insomnia. Take time to soak in a warm bath and this will help you feel relaxed.You need to Invest in a good pillow and comfortable mattress. When you close your eyes think of a time and place when you were really happy and have happy thoughts!

There are many non addictive nutritional supplements that can help your insomnia.Sometimes you maybe going through a stressful period in your life and when this is happening these non addictive supplements can help you until the stress passes and you get back to your normal self.For more tips on healthy living visit

I have been interested in living healthy and positive thinking for many years now. I want to pass on my knowledge to other people and help them live a happy, healthy positive life.


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