How to Generate Income Online – ‘Beginners Guide’

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These days no one can decide whether the economy is going up or down. Either way it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that more folks are looking to make money online. When there are fewer jobs, people go looking for a “Plan B”; which can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise!

Sure, we all want security at the least possible effort, and that is why people want a job! While being self-employed is more challenging than just knowing what time to be at work, it is also more rewarding! There is always ‘two sides to the metal – the shiny side and the dark side’.

Clearly it’s possible to make money on the web, just open your web browser and take a look. People are doing it every day. Without further ado, based on our experience, let’s look at making an income on the Internet.

1. Set your expectations. Have you ever been in the market for a car? Have you ever notice d that once you become aware of the car you want suddenly you notice that car on the highway everywhere? It seems like you start thinking about something and all of a sudden, like magic, that subject appears everywhere! – Well, yes and no. It is part of the human brain wiring to get what you expect. The (unfiltered) reality is, that subject was all around all the time, but the brain is wired to filter them out. What happens is the filters in the brain were adjusted, and that topic was allowed in! We need these filters to manage all the data we are presented with, each and every day! The trick is to manage the filters! So set your expectation to succeed!

2. Create a solid agreement. There is an old football saying which goes: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!” Nothing great happens without action. Think for a moment what you know about Thomas Edison. When Thomas Edison was interviewed by a young reporter who boldly asked Mr. Edison if he felt like a failure and if he thought he should just give up by now. Perplexed, Edison replied, “Young man, why would I feel like a failure? And why would I ever give up? I now know definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work. Success is almost in my grasp.” And shortly after that, and over 10,000 attempts, Edison invented the light bulb. So make a solid agreement within yourself to succeed.
3. Build with experience. “We are like dwarfs standing [or sitting] upon the shoulders of giants, and so able to see more and see farther than the ancients.” Is the exact quote, from the 12th century French philosopher Bernard of Chartres In this day and age there is no reason to go at it alone. Rely on those who have gone before you. There are so many groups/forums online that you can nearly find the answer to any question you have with just a little research. Also, build from your own experiences. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Nothing of value happens overnight. And we must set in our brains an attitude of *now*. If we play the ‘tomorrow’ game, the calendar day will arrive, and it will be missing the results we we’re looking for! This theme is has been repeated throughout the ages in excellent books like, “Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves” by Robert Ringer or Og Mandino who carries this adage as the primary message of his book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” with the mantra, “do it now”. In fact, he says “I will act now”, 18 times in Scroll IX (9).

So generating an income online is not so much about the product or service you’re promoting but rather about the attitude and determination you have to succeed. None the less, we are committed to teaching you the “how to” of online marketing throughout the rest of the articles in this category. But to begin with expect success, be committed, learn from others, and you will surely be on the straight path to success.

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