How to Gain Motivation to Lose Weight – A Simple Fact Discovered by Research

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How to Gain Motivation to Lose Weight – A Simple Fact Discovered by Research

If you are stuck and wondering how to gain motivation to lose weight than you will be interested in what recent research has uncovered about motivation. The problem seemed to be that we were looking in the wrong places for motivation, this article reveals one thing that has proven to be motivating.

When you set out to reach a weight loss goal it is typical to try and find that hidden motivation, and many of us look to “pumping ourselves up.” This has proven to be effective only at the beginning of our journey and quickly fades.

It is also common practice to use “scare tactics”. We literally try to scare ourselves into changing by convincing ourselves that we will suffer great pain and health problems down the road if we don’t shed the pounds. Unfortunately this tactic was also found to have only short-term results and people quickly reverted back to old habits.

So what is the secret? The true secret of how to gain motivation to lose weight AND keep it is to get results fast. What? I must be joking right? Well it is true. Researches use this analogy when it comes to weight loss.

If a person makes only moderate changes in their diet to lose weight they do not see the results fast enough and therefore become discouraged and quit. On the other hand those people that make drastic changes in their diet and exercise habits do see the differences in their body so they deem the changes they have made “worth the effort.”

If you have struggled with your weight and you want to understand how to gain motivation to lose weight then pay attention to this interesting bit of research and test it for yourself.

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