How to End the ‘after’ Thoughts in the Law of Attraction

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How to End the ‘after’ Thoughts in the Law of Attraction

Here’s a question that is always up for debate regarding the Law of Attraction. Do you visualize and intend one time or many times a day? It depends on what works best for you because one method that works for one may not work the same for another. What you really want to focus on is what you think and feel after you have asked and expected from the Universe.

Building a grand image and feeling for what you desire can be wonderful. You sit, think, and feel how great it is to have all of your desires met. You dream about the days of travel and the piles of cash you have. You buy Mom the house that she wants and everyone you have ever had a bad word with becomes your best friend. You send out those grand thoughts and feelings to the Universe expecting exactly what you have envisioned. Your visualization was a great meditation for you, and you’re feeling wonderful.

Then you return to the world you are living in. Your physical world and your visualization world haven’t quite merged yet but you know they will soon enough. You go to work and forget all about the great desires you had because of all the outer interference you receive about life in general. Soon you succumb to the feelings of negativity. While in the negative space you think of your visualization and become doubtful. “Maybe that can’t happen. Am I being silly?” Then you tell yourself that it will come to you. As the day beats you down, your visualization has now become a source of negative. “Can it happen? Who are all these people with this great life through the Law of Attraction? Who am I kidding?” You begin to respond to the negative around you and begin to listen and gossip with your co-workers.

When you arrive home you start to calm down and realize that it can come to you, and you vow that you will rely on the Universe. You have another visualization session and thank the Universe again.

Tomorrow comes and it starts all over. The ‘after’ thoughts of how you feel are just as important as the desire itself. If you create a desire and expect, know, and be thankful to the Universe that it is on its way to you, and then each time you think of it as the week goes on, feeling impatient and doubtful, the Universe acts upon whatever you are feeling. When you have a feeling, and you connect a desire or past incident with it, the Universe begins moving heaven and earth to bring you what you focus on. So watch the ‘after’ thoughts of your desires.

Here’s how we have handled the ‘after’ thoughts in the past. After a desire has been created we find an affirmation that will work for the negative remarks that may occur that come from the false self. Let’s say you want to lose weight (this method can work for any situation). You visualize the size you want to be and see yourself running and playing with the kids. You see yourself turning down the birthday cake at work.

Right after the visualization, create an affirmation that will help you through out the day. “I know that I am happy and healthy. I know that I am losing weight. I’m proud of myself.”

As you go throughout your day and experience moments where you berate yourself for eating that extra taco, remember the affirmation. Write it on a piece of paper so you can see it all day long for just such a moment. Listen to your affirmation. It may feel just like so many words at first but those words will begin to seep into your subconscious and they will help you attain your desires.

Whoever thought an ‘after’ thought could be such a problem in the Law of Attraction? Change your ‘after’ thought to an ‘affirmation’ thought and you’ll be on your way to the life you want and deserve.

Beth and Lee McCain are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. For more information about Beth and Lee products and services, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

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