How to Develop Self Esteem in 5 Easy Steps ( Why You Need Self Esteem Builders)

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How to Develop Self Esteem in 5 Easy Steps ( Why You Need Self Esteem Builders)

Do You Display the Signs of Low Self Esteem?

The key signs of low self esteem may be quite obvious; these include low confidence, putting up with mistreatment, under achievement, poor earning power. However there are also some subtle signs that you may not have realized:


Do you live well within your comfort zone even if it’s very uncomfortable? i.e. at home, in the office?
Are you over looked for promotions at work? do you ever ask for a raise?
Do you date unavailable or poor quality people? do you feel you deserve a great partner or do you make excuses for yourself?
Do you lack a support network of good friends?
Are you looking for validation in lots of different areas? do you need to be needed, complimented? admired?
Does your wardrobe look old, un-coordinated and out of date?
Do you get regular check ups at the doctor, dentist, physiotherapist when you’re not well. Or do you make excuses or put them off?


Now you may not accept someone treating you in an appalling way, but sometimes we simply don’t realize that our self-esteem may not be as high or positive as it should be. The law of attraction states that we get in life what we think about and focus on. If we feel that we’re not worthy to some extent, then our lives, wardrobes and career will reflect that to the same level.

How to Supercharge Your Self-esteem

Building your self esteem takes a bit of time, focus, dedication, and an unwavering desire to love and respect yourself in ways that you have never done before. You are whole as you are, and all is required is for you to see that and move in the direction of your desires. If you’re over weight, putting up with an unhappy relationship, love yourself first and commit to your growth every single day.

Self Esteem Building Exercises to do:

1. Write a list of all your best traits, qualities and abilities.
Don’t be shy or modest. Get it all down no matter how small you think it is. Keep the list with you as much as possible, and read it atleast every morning and before you go to sleep. Get into the emotion and feel pleasure and happiness as you read the list.

2. Stop mind chatter garbage!
Do you put yourself down? Get negative about your life? Moan about everything? Well just Stop! Negative comments about yourself achieve nothing in your life. So stop indulging in such useless, destructive acts and replace the negatives with the positives! If you think you’re over weight and unattractive, replace that garbage with:

“I love and respect myself what ever my size and shape, and I commit to a great healthy lifestyle with good food and regular exercise which will make me feel amazing!”

3. Re-Write a Bad Experience
If you’re feeling low because of certain past experiences that have put a dent in your self-esteem, then change your perspective. There is a learning experience underneath every challenge. Using a bit of imagination and elbow grease, re-write that experience and turn into a positive, life changing event that catapulted you into the direction of greater self growth, self love and self development.

4. Set Measurable Goals
Get you top goals down, and break them into baby steps. Commit to take a baby step every day.
The goals could cover finances, relationships, fun, interests, hobbies.

5. Be What Ever You want to Be
If you’ve lost touch with your mojo, your inner diva or groovy guy – then go get it back. Change you personal style and give yourself a proverbial kick up the butt.

The best self esteem boosters to personal image include:


Get a great hair cut
Try on some new clothes, get a second opinion, and update your wardrobe.
Choose clothes that don’t hide or swallow you! Always wear well fitted clothes- what ever your shape, and place emphasis on the areas that you like better.
Accessorize yourself with a bit of make up if you’re a woman, and scent/perfume for both girls and boys.


What is Good Self Esteem?
Self esteem is one of the most fundamental aspects of human nature because it sets the direction for your entire life. People with high self esteem have a high appreciation of themselves and those with low self esteem have a low estimate of their self worth. The good news is that self esteem is a simple a muscle, which can be nurtured, cared for and strengthened to any level that you choose for yourself.



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