How To Destroy Negative Thinking Patterns Quickly

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If you want “real” results in life, you’d be hard pressed to think of a better place to start than changing your negative thinking patterns, FAST. After all, today is the 1st day of the rest of your life, so in theory you can begin the change now!

Theory is great, but the hang up becomes: How to “actually” begin the process of changing the negative stuff into stuff that really works for you. The answer is simple! You decide that instead of feeling like a co-pilot in your mind you take the pilot’s seat and realize that you and only you, control your thoughts. It is the most simplistic thing in life. Just as you can think negative thoughts that are only from you; you can decide right now to think positive ones.

The first step towards change is to become aware of your thoughts. As you take a conscious concerted effort to look at how you think, feel and act you will start to see patterns in your thinking. Creating this awareness will allow you to begin the process of changing your negative thoughts to positive ones.

When a negative thought starts to creep in switch it for a positive one immediately. You don’t even have to believe them at first, you just have to think them! It’s quiet common to not believe them at all to begin with, because your mind has been programmed throughout your life to believe the negative thoughts. Don’t worry, just as easily as you can think yourself into feeling insecure (or any other negative thought), you can think yourself into self confidence, high self esteem (or any positive thought)!

If you don’t believe your positive thought, just talk through it with yourself. For example:

Let’s say you decide to try your hand at public speaking. But, just the mere thought of standing in front of a crowd (even if it’s only 3 people) causes your heart to race, your palms to sweat, and your stomach begins to get a sick feeling welling up inside it. And you think to yourself, “I could never speak in front of people…I can’t even get past “thinking” about speaking in front of people!” When you catch yourself thinking this way have a conversation with yourself by saying, “Yeah, that’s true, in the past I’ve had a hard time with public speaking – even the mere thought sent me into a tailspin, but now I’ve given up being afraid of speaking to people. There’s nothing to worry about. People like me and I have an important message to share. I can do this!”

Having these inner conversations with yourself is a crucial part of reprogramming your negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s worth noting that every “thing” either real or imagined in this world is created out of thought first. So the question begs, “What are your thoughts creating?” What are you thinking every day that is designing your life? Ask yourself these questions and you will see quite fundamentally that ‘you are what you think and that what you think is always true.’ So, what do you have to lose by changing your mind and changing how you think?

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