How To Create The Life You Wish For – Using The Law of Attraction

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How To Create The Life You Wish For – Using The Law of Attraction

How do you use the Law of Attraction to create the life you wish for? It may be that you need to change the story you are telling yourself.

Let’s say you have decided to use the Law of Attraction to deliberately create the life of your dreams. So you visualize yourself paying all your bills with ease, having an abundance of cash, and all the other things that go with a wealthy lifestyle. But deep in the back of your mind, there is a world of fear and doubt.

This is the fear that it all won’t work, that your visualizations are just wishful thinking, that you will never break out of the situation you are in. The world is a dark place where you cannot expect to have much wealth or happiness, so you have to be satisfied with what little you can get. You have very little control over your life.

Sounds familiar?

What you have to know here, is that this story you are telling yourself is just that – a story, nothing more. It may be a story you have been telling yourself for your whole life. Because of this, it is a very powerful story. It has a strong motivation to manifest into reality. That motivation is provided by you, through your expectation. Whatever you visualize, with strong expectation, will become reality.

Can you see from this that, in fact, you are already a very powerful attractor? The story you tell yourself, if you imbue it with highly-charged expectancy, will come into being.

Once you understand this, you are more than halfway to bringing about the life you desire to have. All that is needed is that you change the story you are telling yourself. You have to tell the new story with as much emotion and drama and expectancy as you have been up to now applying to the old story.

Your real self, your higher self, is already in touch with abundance and perfection. You real self is right now experiencing joy and bliss. You can bring yourself into harmony with that real self anytime, right at this moment. You true self has voluntarily adopted a mask, or an identity, which you experience as your life. Your life follows the story which you are telling yourself.

If this story sometimes, or always, makes you feel bad, it is because aspects of the story are out of harmony with the true desires of your real self. If they were perfectly in harmony, then you would feel perfectly happy all the time. This gives you a simple and easy way to be in harmony with your real self, and to have the life that you want, rather than a life you do not want. You need to choose to have, be, or do, whatever makes you feel happy.

Then you can begin to tell yourself a new story, in which you always expect the best, and in which you always get more of what you want, and less of what you do not want.

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