How To Create Money And The Life You Really Want

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How To Create Money And The Life You Really Want

How can you create what you want even from a down and out situation? Just two months ago, I met a guy I’ll call Ben, who was out of work, scared, and confused. Ben had nothing but the desire to get out of his fear. The sudden loss of his job had paralyzed him, and left him feeling as if there was no path forward. He was not happy with his life in any way. He didn’t like where he lived, he didn’t like working for others, and he yearned to travel the world.

When Ben and I talked, I quickly realized that putting much money toward a solution was not an option. So, we set up low-cost and simple actions designed to get him on a path of discovery and out of the hole he was in. We wanted to play to Ben’s expertise and experience, and stay away from anything that he could not yet afford.

Just eight weeks later, amazing things have happened for Ben. He has manifested a small monthly income – not enough yet, but far better than unemployed and at zero. When he and I add it up, we see that Ben has created just under ,000. He also created the opportunity to travel and meet other budding entrepreneurs, from whom he gained inspiration. He found a program that gives him a shot at his dream trip to Africa. How did he do it?

He didn’t tell himself he couldn’t.
He faithfully carried out the three daily practices we decided on.
He faced embarrassment and shame down by telling his story to friends, family, and business contacts.
He told everyone about the opportunities he is looking for, and followed up on any lead.
He invested in himself (with brief coaching) rather than telling himself he couldn’t afford it.

None of these are hard, but they do require faithful, consistent action – even when we don’t know and can’t see where that action is leading. It requires, too, that when we get off the path and mess up, we forgive ourselves and get right back on again. Has this man done his daily practices every single day? No – but he has done them most of the time, and he has had the discipline to get himself going again when he quits. He also has the honesty to say he’s off and ask for encouragement to get going again.

While the income Ben has created is vital for him, the rewards he is getting are far greater. He is beginning to see that he still has a huge impact on his life — despite his own fears, the talk he hears from others about how bad things are, and the uncertainty of life. He is learning that he actually can create money and a life he really wants.

Most of us believe that creating money and the life we really want is hard, if not impossible. We let ourselves be affected by the beliefs of others, the state of the world, and our own fears. If we have had bad experiences, we fall into believing that what has happened before will always happen again. By these beliefs, we erect barriers against the very life we want. Our challenge is to be like Ben, and take small steps toward our deepest desires. We all can, if we will.

(c) Sue Painter

Sue Painter spends her time coaching people to create work that is rich in spirit and profit. You can check out her marketing tips at and get her marketing tips videos on the YouTube channel confidentmarketer. Sue’s marketing expertise and strong insight leads her clients to call her a marketing therapist. She can help you build your business from the inside out.

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