How to Create Hypnotic Copy Writing – It’s Easier Than You Think!

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We were on our way home from the gym last night listening to our 9 year old sweaty, red-faced daughter complain about how ‘Tough’ her instructor had been on them, and how the other instructors ‘Never’ make them work that hard. Albert told her that maybe her instructor was having a bad day to which she replied without the slightest hesitation, “Yeah, well I hate “Ticked-off Tuesdays’!” I about split a gut I laughed so hard!

I got to thinking this morning about last night and realized that her quick reply contained the same elements that make for great copy writing.   She’s a walking, talking, copywriter and doesn’t know it!

She had “been there and done that” or in other words she had actually been through the experience.  Now as a copywriter you don’t actually have to ‘experience’ whatever it is you are writing about, but you do have to ‘know’ what it is you’re writing about. This might mean you have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty – or in other words – do a bit of research.

You want to be able to answer:

What’s the BIG Idea here?
If I were a prospect for this product, what benefit would I want most?
What’s exciting about this product?

Next, she didn’t stress about her response. She was relaxed which allowed her subconscious mind to just come up with her statement.   Copywriting is the same.   After you’ve done your research just relax and let your subconscious mind go to work. It will no doubt come up with the answers to these questions. If all this seems a bit far out to you, just know that almost every writer (of anything) in the world  uses this process… knowingly or unknowingly.

She talks incessantly! The best writers, write…  and… write a lot. It’s that simple. The more you write and, the more often you write, in general, the better you will become. Just make sure to set time limits. Write for 30 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break.  Make sure that during the break you do something that’s not mentally taxing. Walk, have a snack, take a snooze,  etc – you get the idea! This is a sure-fire way to keep you from getting writers block!

She doesn’t hold anything back. She wasn’t afraid that what she was about to say might not sound good – she just blurted it out. In simple, plain old English! No fancy-pants elaborate knowledge of the English language was needed. Copywriting should be the same way. Make your rough draft fast and furious! No editing allowed. This allows your creativity to just flow onto the paper without worrying about making mistakes. And realize… it’s ok to suck! Every word on the page doesn’t have to be picture perfect. The reader is not going to die if you make a mistake, we’re not talking brain surgery here – we’re talking copywriting!

She’s always got her nose stuck in a book. Good copywriters read a lot. That’s what makes them good storytellers.  And good storytelling (“in print” or “in person”) is paramount to persuasion and selling. Need proof? Research Gary Halbert. He was a master storyteller. And he honed his storytelling skills, from what I’ve read, by reading fiction. His copywriting was almost impossible not to read. He was completely masterful in drawing you in with his stories.

And last but not least… she’s always keenly aware of what everyone else is doing! To become a great copywriter… become an observer of what’s going on around you. You see, many people go about their day half-asleep, paying little attention to the things that happen around them and to them. Big mistake! Your life can (and should be) source material for your copy. If you keep your eyes open you will begin to gather a collection of stories and experiences you can pull from and incorporate into your copy.

So put your thinking cap on, grab your computer, do some research, sit back, relax and let the words start flowing.

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