How to Create A Magnetic Personality – And Leave An Absolute Jaw Dropping Impression

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Have you ever been around one of those star stunning individuals that seem to just magically draw people to them? Well, I grew up with one – my sister. Cute, fun, outgoing and never without a friend. I on the other hand was quite the opposite. A little more reserved by nature – you know – the kind that turn red and stutter a bit when they are trying to talk to someone. I often wondered what made the difference and I realized that it all boils down to one thing….knowing who you are and being ok with it.

It’s been referred to as, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, among others, but the way I like it best described is connecting with your core. So what does it mean exactly – connecting with your core? It means figuring out who you truly are and living from that place. You see, it wasn’t that my sister and I weren’t equal in beauty or talent, it was that she was ok with who she was and I wasn’t. At 5’6” weighing 100 lbs. soaking wet, I perceived myself as being a scrawny, awkward little kid that would never look good enough to have the “magic friend-getting formula.” I let the fear of what I thought other people were “probably thinking” about me influence how I felt about myself and how I acted around them. My sister on the other hand never worried about any of that and just had fun being herself.

So who are you – do you truly know who you are? Seems like a simple question, but I submit that most of us don’t live from a place where we truly know who we are. If someone asked you to describe yourself right now, would you be able to do it? If you find yourself searching for the correct words or at a loss of words when you ponder the question, then you don’t truly know who you are. Often when asked this question people will answer with “who they want to become” rather than “who they are”. This in no good either. You have to be able to know who you presently are and be comfortable with being yourself.

So how do you connect with your inner core then? You really have to take a good introspective look at yourself and answer the number one question – what would you do if you had no limitations or consequences? So if you had no limitations, whether that be limitations placed on you by society, culture, the economy, or people around you telling you “you can’t be xxx”, what would you do? Who would you truly be? Perhaps you always felt like society and the people around you expected you to be a lawyer. So you went to law school, you’ve been practicing for 10 years, drive a Mercedes and you play a stuffy game of golf with the partners once a week, but who you really are at the core is very different. You’re actually a good ol’ boy who’d really like to own a monster truck, go muddin’ and camping on the weekends, and have your own fishing show on ESPN!

Now I’m not saying to flush years of law school and your 10 year career down the toilet. I’m just saying, to really attract people to you, you have to know who you truly are at the core and operate from that place. When you operate from a true and sincere place, connecting with who you really are at the core, people will sense that and be attracted to you. You will automatically start to attract people into your life that connect with you because they feel and sense the true you.

So, no more holding back as that will only make people hold back from you. No more fear of what other people are thinking as people will sense your fear and shy away. Be ok with who you are and people will magnetically be drawn to you!

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2 Responses to “How to Create A Magnetic Personality – And Leave An Absolute Jaw Dropping Impression”
  1. This is a question I am really asking myself lately. At 46 3/4 I still don't feel I know who I am in certain areas. Actually, I don't feel comfortable with who I am is more to the point and I am exploring new possibilities. I was able to reel off many attributes instantly, both uplifting and not so in describing myself.

    The little twist for me is that I do attract people, but still don't feel like I am living from my core. Imagine how life will be when I am! I am currently flooding my life with affirmations and giving them a real chance instead of dabbling a bit and beginning to see some positive changes seeping in.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep on searching for my inner core.

  2. jennandalbert says:

    Thanks for your comment Christine. It looks like you're on the right track. Just keep at it and you will find what you're looking for!

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