How to Choose an Effective Weight Loss Program

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How to Choose an Effective Weight Loss Program

When you take a step to lose weight, you then have to go and select a diet that not only will do the magic but also be a diet and exercise plan that will be acceptable and stimulating. If you begin with a poor diet and exercise program, you’ll probably end up dropping it and that just makes your weight loss program a big waste of time. Here are some pointers…

Following a weight loss program is the most simple and efficient solution to getting rid of your extra pounds (or at least most of them). You can get these programs all around you: books that guide you, internet weight loss programs, TV shows, etc. You can choose which one to follow depending on your personal eating habits and on the money you are willing to spend for such a program.

Many of us have a common lifestyle, we go to work by car and then sit at a desk for long hours, and we are always being enticed by tasty and cheap but unhealthy food, rich in fats and carbohydrates. The result can be measured in the extra pounds we add and it can be from just a few extra pounds to obesity, depending on our metabolism & activities. As obesity became one of the major problems around today, the whole industry has improved on the basis of people’s need to lose fat. There are diffrent types of products available on the market, such as different weight loss pills, fitness devices, electrical stimulation devices, etc. The problem is the most of these products are not that effective as their marketers are suggesting and some may indeed be seriously harmful to your health. It is advisable to look for a suitable weight loss program and follow it step by step.

The most important part of the weight loss program is the diet package, but for a more attractive jingles presentation the producers also come up with different “secrets” books, tools, analyzers, motivation tips, weight loss tricks, etc. There are also programs that include weight loss support and support group

Stated Below are some examples of weight loss programs:

Low Fat Diet

The low fat weight loss program recommends a diet based on low fat or no fat foods. Reducing fat intake and regular exercise results in long-lasting weight loss. This program can be very effective if produced and supervised by an expert. Many low fat programs found on the market reduce fat consumption too much and it can become harmful for your health. A very high consumption of carbs is also not good, which is often recommended by some programs. However, this diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, but it is important they are described in the correct manner.

High Protein Diet

This weight loss program is based on the consumption of high protein and low carb foods. Although it leads to reasonably rapid weight loss, it is often NOT an effective diet in the long run. It encourages the consumption of saturated fats and this increases the risk of heart diseases. It can also cause damage to your kidneys, as in the absence of enough carbs, for the rapid burning of fatty acids the kidneys have to work overtime.

Fixed Menu

This type of weight loss program indicates you apply a fixed menu diet. You get a list of what you have to eat everyday. It is easy to follow because you don’t need to keep the calorie count. Its efficiency and healthiness can vary greatly.

Points Program

This weight loss program is created by Weight Watchers, a company offering different dieting products and services for weight loss. The points system consists in quantifying the caloric intake and the energy expenditure. Foods are assigned a specific number of points and exercises are assigned a negative number of points. Based on their current weight and weight loss goals, program participants are allocated a certain number of points every week. Therefore, participants are allowed to eat any type of food, but they must not exceed their total point value that week. This is an easy to follow program, mainly because of the psychological effect is has on the participant.

Food Optimizing

This weight loss program is created by Slimming World, a British company which runs weight loss classes across the UK. During classes members are weighed and the loss or gain is shared with the others; they also share experiences, tips, ask for advice, etc.

The diet is a calorie-restricted one. The foods known as “free foods”, are considered to have a low calorie content may be eaten in unrestricted amounts. They recommend eating four small portions per day of foods that provide supplies of minerals, vitamins or dietary fiber, even if these foods are higher in calories. Days are classified in red days and green
days. There are red days “free foods” and green days “free foods”, and all other foods are assigned a syn value.

Although most of us know the do’s and don’ts in order to lose weight, it becomes much easier if we are using a precise weight loss program, this way we get more determined.

The most important thing is not to expect short term extraordinary results. Even if there are weight loss programs that guarantee this, you may cause serious injury to your health and you will only enjoy short-time results normally. A good diet should always include all of the Recommended Daily Allowances for vitamins, minerals and proteins. Also, the weight loss program must offer you solutions for maintenance after the weight loss phase is over; and this is much more difficult than the weight loss itself. It is important to know that only healthy the eating habits and exercise are the primary keys to long term weight control.

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