How to Build Self Confidence

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How to Build Self Confidence

I can not tell you enough how important this is. Building self confidence is one of the most essential keys to getting ahead in life. Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it.The lack of self confidence can cripple you in all aspects of your life. The people without self confidence tend to be less successful than people who have it.

People who have self confidence can inspire that in other. I have some great news, self confidence can be learned. It can be achieved, but the catch is you have to want it. Do you want it?

The good news is, you can build self confidence. The bad news is, it take some work. But, if you think about it, is it worth you becoming your best? Or are you going to sit around and cry? Life’s not fair. That’s actually a good thing. that means you can take advantage of it not being fair. Tip the scales in your favor.

Start by doing this, write down the top things that you ave achieved in your life that you are proud of. Look at that every day. YOU accomplished those things. Be frickin’ proud of it.

Plan and conquer small goals. I heard this somewhere, and I wish I could give credit to whoever thought it. “Inch by inch is a cinch, yard by yard is hard.” Start by conquering small goals. Pat yourself on the back when you do.

Praise yourself. Do not, and I repeat do not beat yourself up. Imagine an inspiring voice inside that encourages you. It can be someone you know. It can be someone on TV. Imagine that voice encouraging you.

What does that voice in your head sound like that puts you down? Imagine that being an obnoxious voice that you just don’t want to hear. The more abnoxious the voice the better because you don’ t want to listen to it. Try that and see how it works.


Anthony St. Augustine

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