How To Boost Your Energy Level When Working Out

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How To Boost Your Energy Level When Working Out

A good understanding of how a human being metabolizes energy can help one to regulate good energy levels for working out.

Here are some tips on energy boosting


Eating sufficiently guarantees good levels of energy. Little food means that the metabolized energy sent to the cells is little. A feeling of tiredness will limit working. Tiredness is a method used by the body to preserve food.

In addition to eating enough, one should eat good food. Energy giving food for bodybuilders is devoid of saturated fat and excess sodium. Take food full of protein and complex carbohydrates such as oats and pasta. Fat from fish, nuts and olive oil is recommended.

Skipping meals eventually leads to overeating. This has effects of indigestion which delays synthesis of energy giving glucose to the blood.


These should always come second to eating good and sufficient amount of food.

Supplements are meant to offer an extra boost of energy. There are numerous types of supplements, each for a different purpose. The way out is to check the ingredients. Get what will give the best results.

Common energy boosting supplements include:

A. Caffeine

It is found in coffee, tea, soda and also in pill form. It is widely used, virtually by everyone. It is also cheap and the most effective.

Caffeine is used to stimulate the central nervous system to make the body more active. It does this by acting as catalyst to the adrenal gland making them produce large quantities of adrenaline. Presence of adrenaline in the blood makes the heart beat faster. The body energy level is thus boosted.

A dosage of 100 to 300 mg before working out is recommended.

B. Creatine

It is less effective compared to the caffeine. It works as to enrich ATP.

ATP is defined as the electric circuitry in the cells that provides energy. This makes the body stronger and more active for short term periods. This will enable one to add an extra set of exercise to facilitate more muscle formation.

C. Green tea

In addition to caffeine, green tea has various vitamins and minerals. After the body has absorbed the caffeine in this tea, the vitamins will help to fully synthesis the caffeine.

Taking green tea with other multi-vitamins will bring out an even better energy boost.

Short Sleep

At times energy is low because the body is tired. A little sleep instead of food or supplement may be enough to rejuvenate the body and its organs. A 15-30 minute nap may be enough. However one must not overdo the nap as this may alter one’s sleep cycle leading to tiredness the following day.

Also one may just rest under a tree or listen to soft music.

Cardio sessions

After waking up, one can do a few laps or even skip. This will increase your metabolic rate resulting to more energy. Taking small meals after this session boosts metabolism even more and keep one going for longer hours.


The mind may also be tired and stressed out. A tired mind simply drains away energy and motivation needed for working out. A 30 to 40 minute yoga session ill help relax a stressed out mind.  Stretching also has relaxing effects.

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