How to Become More Successful in Life

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How to Become More Successful in Life

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”  Herman Cain

Reading this quote by Herman Cain, I relate to my own life.  As many things as I’ve succeeded at I have also failed at.  When I look back over the years I realize that everything that I was successful at was those things that I enjoyed and loved to do.

They were the things that brought me true joy which is really what we want in our lives.  It isn’t so much what you are doing but the experience and the feeling that it gives you.  It’s the things that bring you fulfillment, fun, satisfaction and pleasure….That feeling or state of consciousness.

Imagine a life where every morning you get out of bed and you’re excited to start your day.  You jump in the shower and then proceed to consciously create your day.  You are constantly in the process of creation whether your thoughts are conscious or not.  Getting into the habit of creating your day the way you want it to go takes some doing.

We have developed this behavior that we repeat on a regular basis which occurs subconsciously and often goes unnoticed.  This behavior is known as a habit.  Your thoughts become habits and in order to break those habits you need to do some work.

By beginning to purposely create your thoughts you will then be able to create your life on purpose.  This is true success.

Playing the game of life with no limits and no restrictions gives you full access to your natural state which includes an experience of infinite power, infinite wisdom which I like to refer to as knowledge in action, abundance, prosperity and joy.

Start by asking yourself:

What would be fun for me to do?

What would be interesting for me to explore?

How would I like to express myself creatively?

Once you have answered these questions and become clear about them you can follow up with these 4 steps to success.

1. Write down your desire. What is it that you choose for your life?  Beginning with “I AM” keeps it in present tense and sends a command to the Universe.  Most times we tend to say, “I want this…” or “I want that…” and so the Universe gives us what we ask for which is the experience of wanting.  Instead as an example you may say, “I am receiving ….” or “I am experiencing….”  You are coming from a place of knowing that the result has already been produced and not from an attempt to produce a result.


2. Focus on it consistently with emotion. Keep what you’re choosing in the forefront your thoughts and feel the sensation of having it.  Speak about it as often as you can.


3. Take action in direction of your goal. Do the things that are congruent to your thoughts and feelings.  Stay in alignment which is when your thoughts, words and actions are all aligned with and support your goal.


4. Manifest what you desire by feeling good. The more intense your feelings the more success you will have.

Sometimes you think you want certain things yet when you think about them you don’tnecessarily feel good inside.

Your feelings are conflicting with your thought’s which is usually fear or doubt. Check in with yourself and find out exactly what it is that is stopping you from feeling good about what you desire.   Now ask yourself, “If this is really what I am choosing then why am I letting this stop me?”

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