How to be a More Likable Person

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How to be a More Likable Person

How to be a more Likable person
We all know that every person you meet may not like you as you may not always like them. However, there are things we may learn about ourselves that need change or improvement and personal growth. When this takes place, it may be time to work on these changes. This is not about changing who you are as it is more about how much better you can be. Change and/or improvement should always be about you. The following is a list of ways one can be a more likable individual to oneself & others. Working on progressing in these areas in your life can be self-fullfilling.

Having and maintaining a positive attitude when around others will keep everyone in a good mood. Simply being polite to others can make a big difference in how everyone is feeling.

Stop whining and complaining every day all day. This can be draining for you and others around you. It is also a big waist of your prescious time.

Learn to share as much as you can. Especially with those who are most important to you. Being more expressive can help stimulate your life and get you more active again. Just share what you can with the people you feel confortable around.

Avoid becoming argumentative. Learn to listen to others as you want them to listen to you. This will always help you to get along and maintain the relationship healthy.
People have differences as they also may have things in common. Explore these areas with  the person without being disrespectful about it.

Respect others by avoiding criticizing and putting others down for their differences.
Know your limits as well as the people around you as this will help you to avoid unpleasant situations.

Communicate your needs. When you are in a bad mood or not feeling well, let others know that  you need some space.

Strive for success one both  a personal and professional level. The less stress you have in your life the more functional you will be.

Do not stress over the small things in life especially if it can be dealt with.
If it can be left in the past, move on and get over it.

Laugh as mush as you can . Tell funny jokes as this is always entertaining and makes every feel good.

Be honest with yourself and the people around you.
Never put yourself in an unpleasant situation feeling uncomfortable. This may lead to more problems and/or stressors.

Not everyone can get along. If you have tried to make a relationship work and it continues to fail, do not keep waisting your time and just move on. These situations could lead to more emotional issues and scars.

Celebrate life as much as possible by appreciating it more with the one’s you love as these are important people and moments in your life.

Tamara A. Monell, LMHC

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