How Self Confidence Impacts Performance

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How Self Confidence Impacts Performance

Most people will find that they will have to train themselves to be aware of self confidence issues. Unchecked, poor self-esteem can cause some real problems.

As a professional performance coach, I often train groups of players and teams alike about self esteem and motivation. This article describes such an experience while I was training with a group of young soccer players in California. I was discussing the importance of mental skills for soccer and the things that hold the players and the team back from playing at the highest level.

And the conversation kept on coming back to “Worry”. Worried if I am not good enough, worried if I might make mistakes, worried that we will not win. These are the types of beliefs and thinking that will get in the way of playing the game of your life.

Then it came to me, I asked the boys to gather round as I would tell them what worry actually is and not a mumbo-jumbo sports psychology definition! And as they came closer and closer looking at me with intent I encouraged them to come closer still. Then I whispered worry is…worry is…”talking crap in your heads” and after a little pause everyone laughed and got it.

Worry does nothing positive it performs no useful function! it keeps us from our best. Its that little voice that makes fears bigger, not always easy to stop but if we see it for what is it..Talking nonsense in our head we can laugh and raise it up to a concern and then do something about it. For example.

If I am worried I might not be fit enough I stay In my head even more and probably don’t do anything about it. just think about how unfit I may compare myself to other people over and over.

If I move that up to a concern I get my training shoes on and go out for a run, I take action or I do a few push ups or sit ups, Or I call Johnny and see if he will go down the park for a game.

There is nothing constructive, nor productive about worry. Worrying can cause you paralysis. However, if we frame these kind of thoughts as “concerns”, then we a have a more sensible reference to use for taking action.

Always remember to see your worries for what they are, and laugh when you see yourself begin to worry. Know that you are better than that, and always strive to do your best!

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