Have You Been Grinding Your Teeth at Night For Years?

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Have You Been Grinding Your Teeth at Night For Years?

Teeth grinding is something that people develop and hang onto for years. For this reason, it may take a while to stop doing this, especially as it’s something you’re doing when unconscious. Don’t get discouraged though, many people successfully overcome this condition. Some of the following methods of dealing with teeth grinding when sleeping may prove useful for you.

Teeth grinding is often only a sympton of another condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition whereby breathing is shallow or obstructed during sleep which can lead to health problems and even sudden death. This condition also disrupts sleep causing a feeling unrest when you finally wake. You may want to ask your doctor for ways to identify sleep apnea, if you think this might be the cause of your grinding your teeth at night. Although there are treatments for each of these conditions you must first get a diagnosis before beginning any treatment.

Sleeping with a mouth guard is a better known tonic for teeth grinding. There is an array of these on the market, from those that you can buy at a pharmacy to those that you can have professionally fitted from your dentist. Mouth guards work to get you to quit grinding your teeth, and there’s not really another alternative for nixing yourself from doing this while you’re asleep. Some individuals discover that they are so unpleasant that they can’t bring themselves to fall asleep with them, while others believe them to be an effective treatment option. It’s possible you’ll have to test out several before you come across the one that fits the best in your mouth. This is a method that some people put to use to overcome practice of grinding their teeth while sleeping.

A fanatical method for getting yourself to stop grinding your teeth in your sleep is to take a muscle relaxant before you lay down to go to sleep. By allowing your body to loosen up, particularly the jaw muscles, you might be able to successfully end your grinding practices. Nevertheless, there are also some negative aspects of this, such as becoming reliant on these medicines.

You also have to avoid these drugs during the day, as they can make it unsafe to drive and make you drowsy at work and during normal activities. At times, muscle relaxants are recommended for impermanent events, like right after you’ve had some dental work done, so that you won’t grind your teeth and disrupt all the work that was completed. You should only consider this under the supervision of a doctor, and when other methods of treating teeth grinding while sleeping have not worked. Don’t make the mistake of not getting help for your teeth grinding problem. Over time you can lose your teeth because of it. We’ve given you some tips for getting help to gain control over your problem use them wisely.

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