Have Self Confidence With Hypnosis

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Have Self Confidence With Hypnosis

It is self confidence that we see in actors and actresses, the wealthy, famous coaches, and public inspirational speakers.

Here are some of the images we have of self confidence:

calm in the face of danger or emergency
socially desirable
stands up for what she believes in

It is self confidence that allows us to be who we are, to express that and share it with others. We are able to give our very best in service to others and the world. Every person should be able to live and achieve at least one of her dreams. Only then will her life have left its mark on the world.

Lack of Self Confidence Denies Your Greatness

In all of us a magnificent creation just waiting to express its greatness. So many people who were clearly handicapped became great people,

Yet so many of us are terrified of speaking in public or meeting new people, especially the attractive ones. We know that many celebrities lacked the self-confidence but were somehow transformed into these people magnets. You may know each individual on a personal level but you just can’t find the courage to address all of them as an audience. Does this sound familiar?

Lack of self confidence is a debilitating condition that robs a person of her full potential. So many people live without realising their dreams.

At the core of self confidence is your self worth. Self worth is an outward expression of your own inner life, your habitual thoughts and your memories. Your memories drive your thinking and action because memories are records of your experiences in life, a direct connection with your emotions and sub-conscious. Perhaps it was what your parents said or did to embarrass, or the unkind words of your peers or teachers when you were young and impressionable.

Why are we so afraid of achieving success? Speaking in public? Socialising? Meeting members of the opposite sex? We question ourselves and ask why would anyone listen or take us seriously. Why should we deserve success, wealth, love, beauty and so on? We are never intelligent enough, attractive enough, we hate our voices, we aren’t capable, and so on.

This habitual belief in our smallness is what we have programmed in our minds and it cripples so many aspects of our lives.

What to do about it?

Make a decision to change right now and commit to it! You are preventing yourself from achieving your dreams or the greatness you are destined for. Remember this is your life, and you owe it to yourself. You need to find a way to turn your habitual self-deprecating thinking patterns into positive elevating ones.

If you want to be seen as truly self confident, you need to imprint on yourself a habitual pattern of thinking, speaking and acting with confidence. However, our behaviours are determined by our past experiences and are very hard to change unless we know exactly what they are. Only when we face our blocks can we really begin to program the change.

Hypnotherapy can help you unlock the burdens you have been carrying all your life that makes you tremble in front of an audience. Through hypnosis, positive imagery and the power of positive suggestion you can uncover your blocks, and release them. You will be able to program a stronger, more attractive personality that you desire. You will tell yourself that you are a people magnet, a success magnet, a money magnet, and so on.

It all depends on what you want and what areas of your life you wish to have self confidence. The important thing is that you will feel your self confidence. It is only through feeling (and not thinking – thinking never works) that you will really be confident. The more you think, feel and act confident the more you will be confident and be able to inspire others.

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Nancy Ho has been practicing and using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to help thousands of individuals to overcome their issues for many years. She graduated from London University, with a degree in Business Administration and minored in Psychology. Shortly after that she began her career path as a Corporate Trainer in the areas of Professional and Personal Development. She has many qualifications in Marketing, Hospitality, Human Resource Management, Psychology, Counselling, but her most valuable qualification is being a professional Hypnotherapist. As a trainer she helped many individuals develop their soft skills. However, that did not satisfy her, so she decided to look into the inner workings of the human mind and started with Psychotherapy. After a while, Nancy realised that psychotherapy was not very effective in helping people deal with their problems. She began to look for a more effective modality, and discovered it in Hypnotherapy. Rather than working on problems at the conscious level, Hypnotherapy directly accesses the subconscious mind, helping to release blocks, and to develop human potential to its fullest. In Hypnotherapy, Nancy found a safe, effective and practical way to work with the mind and tap into it. Nancy has helped many people with their burdens and troubles, who were facing road blocks to their personal development and happiness. She has seen business men and women become much more successful and prosperous after resolving the harmful patterns of thinking they have held onto throughout their lives. Stock traders and executives in the financial industry have come to her in desperation, and gone away with renewed confidence and become even better than they were before. Even an airline pilot has sought her help and benefited tremendously from Hypnotherapy. Nancy is based in Singapore and offers one-on-one Hypnotherapy sessions. She can be contacted for a one-on-one session at 62727118.

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