Have A New Puppy And A New Companion For Life

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Have A New Puppy And A New Companion For Life

Having a dog is a wonderful experience as animals are very different from humans. They are very loving, caring, forgiving and are more faithful than human beings as they do not base their relationships on money, property, status or fame. You can look check out with the dog owners and all have a happy, satisfied tale to tell you. In fact, despite your initial fears, you shall not regret taking in a new puppy into your home. It really does not matter who or what you are, whether young or old, retired or working or studying or just starting out to face the world, a puppy does enhances your life. Besides that, they make great, reliable and wonderful companions and have known to save lives.

If you are going to retire or is a retired person, having a puppy at this time is a wonderful idea as you shall have the time, energy and resources to spend. No more work hassles or schedules, you can easily spare time and give love, and care to the new puppy in abundance. However, you do need to check out the breed that shall be suitable to you as different breeds have different behavior and personality; some can be boisterous, calm, quiet or noisy. Depending your choice or personality, you need to choose the one you can relate with and there is a dog suitable for everyone.

If you are young and studying or working or preparing for a new start in life (career); you have a lot more responsibilities and a tighter schedule too. However, it does not mean that you can not have a puppy, it just mean to check out some important duties or responsibilities that come when you have one as follows.

Dogs need attention and puppies like kids need more direct and undivided attention. Besides, having dogs means expenses on food and the veterinary visits; which can be expensive which varies among various breeds. Moreover, the long term relationship with the dog is to be considered as they are a long term keep and not temporary.

Hence, you shall need to remember to spare time with the puppy/dog, check out your budget to ensure wholesome care for it, and be sure that you would like to have and is prepared to have a new companion (dog) for the coming five years to ten years at least. However, a thing is certain; nothing can beat the feelings and joy that comes when your puppy greets you with its abundance, genuine love and happiness when you return home.

If you are married and having kids at home. There is no better gift for the children who simply adore puppies; you might have noticed their joy and happiness when they see one. It is a good way to teach discipline, and responsibilities to your kids. They learn to look after puppies/dogs and to be kind, gentle to them. However, at times, children are known to handle and play roughly with puppies, hence one need to choose the breed carefully as not all breeds can handle the rough play.

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