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This is a tough one for us. How do we argue with running an AdWords campaign when based on results, Google makes Billions of dollars, annually? After all, why would people spend billions of bucks, if it was a waste of money? Well, we are not saying Don’t Ever Do AdWords or study AdWords Secrets…we are just giving our warnings.

We’ve seen plenty of business partners try AdWords for their businesses. “The money just vanished, with no results!” is usually what they say after a couple of months. We completely disagree…They had results. They are a lot poorer. We’ve see partners spend thousands of dollars with not even a single opt-in or sale.

We cannot fault Google AdWords though. Being inexperienced, beginners usually pick keywords that are expensive or worse keywords that are cheep but have no searches. Since AdWords are auction based, and you’re competing with other advertisers, most beginners just follow the other ‘lemmings’ right of the cliff.

Newcomers need to realize that AdWords is designed so that only the best make money. As you can clearly see starting your marketing with AdWords can be a risky and costly mistake. We suggest that before you ever begin you either hire an expert to do it for you or spend the necessary time to truly learn the science behind Google AdWords. At minimum you need to read Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to AdWords.

AdWords is direct marketing at its finest. For the first time ever in history a business can market to a customer at the exact moment they are searching for their product or service. That being said, AdWords starts with identifying who your customers are, what they are thinking, and where they are going online. Only then, when you have clearly defined your customer, can you truly begin to design a campaign that will be successful.

Now there are many tools like Market Samurai, Keyword Elite, and PPC Web Spy that have been created to help and assist you in creating effective campaigns which we will talk about in successive articles. For now what’s important is to understand that AdWords is not for the faint of heart and you best know what you’re doing before you jump in blind.

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