Golf Paradox

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Golf Paradox

A lot of golfers are obsessed with shooting a small score.Sound familiar? Maybe, you have such similar experience.


What would you say if I said that it is likely to improve your score? Before you decide to hit the delete button, let me set the record straight.May possibly nothing against shooting a low score, or winning.


Actually, one team I played for made up t-shirts that said,”Winning is the best part of life.” I still use it all the time. However, there’s a paradox in golf: the more we aim to shoot a low score, the worse we play.


US Olympic medal swimmer Jeff Rouse learned this lesson the hard way. Rouse lost the Olympic gold medal by hundredths of a second in Barcelona. He couldn’t understand why he’d lost after training so hard for such a long time. Rouse decided to continue swimming and train for the 1996 Atlanta Games. Three of the four years leading up to the Games, he said,”was used on soul searching.” He finally realized why he had lost in Barcelona: he’d defined success as one thing: winning the gold medal. This put a lot of pressure on him and just didn’t work. In sport psychology, you can call this an “outcome focus”. In golf, the classic outcome focus is really a low score. The issue with attempting to shoot a small score is that you cannot manage it (if you could, you’d always shoot a small score).


And once you are focused on something you cannot control, the very first emotion you will have is anxiety…followed closely by over-tightness and bad shots. However, there’s good news. As Jeff learned what to focus on, he turned his entire swimming career around. Jeff came up with the goal of having “easy speed.” This simple phrase represented how he desired to feel in a race: Calm, peaceful, relaxed. He’d say it to himself and feel its reassurance. After using this phrase in training he could swim with 100% speed at 80% effort. He arrived in Atlanta with a totally new outlook: “Family first and easy speed”. He recalls the beginning of the race, ” was at total peace with myself.” He won. Years later, he describes how he can still feel the calm and relaxing presence of ‘easy speed’ just by thinking about it.


You can do exactly the same in golf balls playing. I suggest you set several goals which are below your control for your forthcoming game which will immediately relax you.


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