Goal Setting – 10 Questions That Will Help You Create a Life Blueprint So You Can Achieve Your Goals

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If you have been following us for much time at all, you know we get right to the issue(s) at hand. Do you know what you want? Before you blow this off as a stupid question, really think. Have you done a deep and specific introspection of what would make you happy? Most of us have vague goals with words like, many, and lots. Get specific. This is about change, now, not some unspecified later.

1) Do you have ‘BE’ goals? If most or all of the goals on your list are about possessions, you might want to rethink question #1. Possessions are things. For example, a fancy new car or shelter beyond the need of shelter is more than likely about some sort of ego. (Probably yours). It’s ok to have some goals be about “things”, but they should also be about the kind of person you want to “BE”.

2) Do you have a “success team” supporting you? As the authors of Certification Success state, we only make changes due to strong team support or a near-death experience. Enlist others to keep you accountable for achieving your goals.

3) Is your diet supporting your desires? Since you are what you eat, and as we have already seen, the chain of mind/body/spirit is only as strong as the weakest link, notch up your body by improving its fuel source. (Maybe a little exercise wouldn’t hurt).

4) Do you allow ‘recharge’ time? This can be a tricky one. While some use being ‘tired’ as an excuse to do nothing, others keep pushing, over and over on the same process, that isn’t working. When you are really tired, step back and let your creative mind find other avenues.

5) What is the purpose of what you want? If you are doing something to ‘look good’ to someone else, you are doomed to failure. Find what Drives You. Others will admire you and look to learn from you.

6) Do you believe in something greater than yourself? For some folks this is God. To make this work, you don’t have to believe in God. You DO have to believe in something greater than yourself. It may be supporting a cleaner earth or saying goodbye to cancer. It is a critical step that is closely tied to question #3.

7) Have you created ‘bite sized’ chunks towards the goals you set? This is important so you can have a measurement tool (measuring progress) as well as assisting in a specific plan of action.

8 ) Have you set milestones? When you sail across a lake in a sailboat, most of the time, you spend a great deal of time, “tacking” in the wind. You appear off course because you are working the wind. Milestones are measurement points to see your actual progress.

9) Is your goal attainable? You can get through steps 1 – 8 and if your goal is so unattainable, you won’t feel motivated to reach and accomplish your goal. By the very nature of the word, goals should stretch you. Just make sure they aren’t so out there that your brain will disregard them before you even begin.

10) When you reach a sufficient progress point, do you celebrate? Make the effort worthwhile in your mind by a celebration. It might be as simple as a bubble bath or having a night out with your friends and family.

We are not saying this is easy. Nothing worthwhile is. By examining these questions and implementing the principles you can begin the path to achieve your goals, NOW! Let’s just do it!

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