Give Your Slim Intentions Jet Fuel: Discover Your Slim Motivators

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Give Your Slim Intentions Jet Fuel: Discover Your Slim Motivators

If you feel that one of the best things you can do for yourself, right now, is to commit to becoming and being slim, it is important to first identify the “sizzle” motivators.

Once you know what makes the idea of becoming and being slim enticing, you can find subtle symbols to remind you of those sizzling feelings, place them in their most powerful locations in your home and office, and let feng shui design help you reach and maintain a slimmer body.

Sure, one of the outcomes is you will be healthier. However, if that was truly a motivator for you, you would already be slim.

Perhaps you choose to feel comfortable in a swim suit on your two week vacation. This may be a prime motivator, but since the vacation may be only two weeks out of a year, it does not augur well for long lasting slimness.

Perhaps your motivator is, “I look and feel great in everything I try on in a store and in the clothes I wear every day.” If so, you can start by not trying on anything new until you are at least one third of the way to your slimness goal.

If you love to go out dancing but are not comfortable doing so now, your motivator may be, “I’m slim, so I can dance.”

Many people who carry more weight than they want avoid being photographed because they do not like how they look in pictures. So maybe one of your prime motivators is “I enjoy seeing myself in photos.”

You may have noticed the motivators are all phrased in the present tense. It is how you want to feel, now. If Slim Motivators are phrased in the future tense, “I will like seeing myself in photos in three months.” It may seem more accurate. However, those three months will always be ahead of you.

Spend a few minutes, now, writing down every motivator you can think of.

How will your life be more enjoyable when you are slimmer and more fit?

Put them on separate scraps of paper so it is easy to prioritize them. Choose three or four that feel the most compelling. Edit them until they are slim and sleek.

If you’d like to run them by me, you can post them in the comment box below. You can also send me a private email via my website

Just by focusing your attention on the lovely differences you are choosing to enjoy when you are slim, stimulates the process of your becoming and being slim.

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