Getting Past the Marketing Motivation Paradox

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Getting Past the Marketing Motivation Paradox

You’d have more motivation if you could only see results. And you know that if you had more motivation, you could get results. Ahh, the catch-22 of internet marketing motivation. Luckily, there are ways to break through this.

1. Start small
Maybe you can’t see yourself earning a thousand dollars yet. That’s fine… start with five. What can you do online for just five dollars? Plenty! Write a short article, offer your services as a blog backlink builder or commenter, sell an affiliate product, work on your own ebook or book, record videos for people… there are plenty of opportunities. Once the initial barrier of is broken, motivation will be easier to find.

2. Work your way up
Once you’re earning a few dollars here and there, figure out what works and scale it. Try to earn ten dollars, then twenty, then fifty. Before you know it, you’ll be trying to earn a hundred dollars in a month… then two hundred… then five hundred… All you have to do is scale what already works and keep yourself motivated by trying to beat your own records.

3. Suck it up
There’s plenty of advice on how to break through this barrier, but the hardest pill to swallow is nevertheless necessary. In any job, there are periods of hatred where you don’t want to work. With IM, you have to be able to push through without the threat of being fired to keep you on your toes. Sometimes, the best way to push through is simply to do something. If you’re stuck right now and reading this, once you’ve finished reading, do something. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but take a concrete step towards building your business.

Motivation is a tricky topic, but by first breaking the barrier of your first few dollars online and then building up your income from there, you will see the results fast enough to keep you interested and then want more.

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