Get Rid of Stress Once and For All

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Get Rid of Stress Once and For All

Stress is the result of an experience we have when interacting with our environment in an uncomfortable way. For instance, being in a position that is unfamiliar and not knowing how to react or not knowing the result of that reaction.

We actually do this every day in one form or another. Driving a car in heavy traffic can cause stress because we are always trying to guess what others might do and how we would react to their actions. Driving in rush hour can be very taxing on the emotions.

Powerful hormones and neuro-chemicals are released when our stress level increases. Our body is preparing us for action. Should we fight or should we flee? If we do nothing, the stress response can lead to all sorts of health problems.

 All too often, we bring work problems home with us or take home problems to work. Although we try to relax, our mind will just not let go of that nagging problem or an impending confrontation.

 There are many relaxation techniques on the market but sometimes all we need is a quiet room, a relaxing seat or bed and soft calming background music. Sometimes all we need is to get away from the work-a-day grind or rush hour commute and have time to recharge our mental batteries.

 One technique that has proven very effective and very popular is combining the use of an eye pillow and relaxation CD’s in a secluded room. Many people go to their car in the parking lot in order to get the privacy and seclusion they need.

Eye pillows are small sacks of cotton fabric and are usually filled with flax seed. The sacks contour to fit around the facial shape and heavy enough to stimulate the pressure points around the eyes. It is the stimulation of the pressure points that gives deep relaxation. It is also possible to find an aromatic version that has natural eucalyptus mixed with the flax grains to enhance your sensory experience.

Relaxation CD’s help you to escape from the stress or worry that has been nagging at you. Listening to a CD for 10 minutes gives you an opportunity to relax, revitalize and look at the problem from a new perspective.

 A simple relaxation technique such as this will improve your health and wellness100%.

Take a few minutes out of your time each day; find a quiet place to relax with an eye pillow over your eyes and soft relaxation CD playing in the background. You will get rid of stress for the last time.


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