Function Of Sugar As China Nutrition Industry Leader In The Development Of Healthy Ingredients

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Function Of Sugar As China Nutrition Industry Leader In The Development Of Healthy Ingredients

Well-known American economist, two of President Clinton and Bush economic adviser Paul Pilzer said, following after the personal computer and network industries, with biotechnology and cell biotechnology breakthroughs, triggering the fifth wave of global wealth will be the next star industry —- Health Industry. This well-known thesis, caused global political, economic, ideological, industrial, financial and investment sectors of the high degree of attention and discussion.

HC food industry network Current national health situation

Human life must diet to maintain the quality of human life and spiritual psychology and nutrition have a great relationship, the human intellectual, physical, learning ability, athletic ability, disease control capacities, rehabilitation capacity, reproductive capacity, life expectancy, height, weight, diet and nutrition also are inextricably linked.

Structure of the traditional Chinese food grains for the support, and five fruits, five animals for the benefit, the five vegetables for the filling, along with the development of Chinese civilization, Chinese contemporary structure into a reasonable grain-based foods, with appropriate vegetables, fruit and some meat.

But with the development of socio-economic level, more and more people are changing diet, nutrition with unreasonable, and showed the “three high and one low” trend. Long-term “high fat, high animal protein, high energy, low-cellulose” diet lead to a variety of chronic diseases. 2004, “China National Nutrition Survey of residents” Show: My 18 years of age and above, 18.8% prevalence rate of hypertension, estimated the national incidence of the disease more than 160 million; Chinese residents aged 18 and above was 2.6 diabetes % impaired fasting glucose was 1.9%, estimated the number of diabetic patients in more than 2000 million, has ranked second in the world; rate of 22.8% of adult overweight and obesity rate was 7.1%, the estimated number of 2.0 million and more than 6000 million. City adult overweight and obesity prevalence rates were 30.0% and 12.3%, childhood obesity rate has reached 8.1%; of adult prevalence of dyslipidemia was 18.6%, estimates the national number of patients with dyslipidemia are now 160 million.

Is often said to eat more fruits and vegetables are beneficial to health reasons is because fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and prebiotics. For people to understand more vitamins, and vitamins needed by the body very small part of the vitamin in the human intestinal Probiotics Can be synthesized under the influence. Sugar prebiotics as functional nutrition and health the key factor in the diet play an irreplaceable role.

The most current research and application of functional sugar prebiotics mainly oligosaccharides and some sugar alcohols. Common oligosaccharides are Isomaltooligosaccharide, fructooligosaccharides, galacto-oligosaccharide, xylo-oligosaccharides, soybean oligosaccharides, sugar alcohols prebiotics mainly erythritol, xylitol, sorbitol and so on. The following functional sugar prebiotic dietary role in a brief statement.

1, low heat Currently well-known prebiotics, the heat was significantly lower than sucrose, which contain features suited to determine the prebiotic functional foods for obesity and diabetes use; prebiotics low sweet makes a variety of prebiotic to improve the sweetness and flavor of food with greater use of space.

2, anti-caries Caries was mainly due to oral microorganisms, especially Streptococcus mutant (Streptococcusmutans) generated using a number of sugar acids, especially lactic acid and insoluble in water, the result of -glucan. Or whether it is functional oligosaccharides have prebiotic effects of sugar alcohols can not be the role of the oral microbial substrate, no cell coagulation, and thus will not cause dental caries change.

3, to promote the absorption of calcium and minerals The reason

prebiotics can promote calcium absorption of mineral elements, largely by Lai Yisheng Yuan into the intestine after intestinal microbial fermentation of organic acids generated, resulting in decreased intestinal pH, so that when formed through the small intestine calcium, phosphate and magnesium dissolved form complexes occurred and easy absorption. Another assumption is that calcium has been modified to be low because the amount of calcium charge? Hydrogen compound (Ca? H), and more easily through the mucous membrane, there is an argument is protonated by a short chain fatty acids directly into the intestinal cells and proliferation is absorbed.

4, improve human immunity

We all know, the supreme commander of the human immune system?? Helper T cells, there are two, one is Th1, T cells involved in secondary erosion of viruses and cancer cells during immune response (cellular immunity), the other is Th2, T cells involved in supporting immune and other protein

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