From School Dropout To School Owner-Motivational Story Of The Day

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From School Dropout To School Owner-Motivational Story Of The Day

Today’s story is of a man born in lower middle class family. Story of typical Indian Family where eldest son takes care of entire family, sacrificing his own things for responsibilities. Only difference between rajesh singh and many others is that he didn’t stop dreaming while working hard for daily bread and butter.

Rajesh Singh’s father was small time clerk and had huge family of 8 children. Rajesh Singh’s father died when rajesh was 16. Rajesh was very passionate about education and used to top his schools. But sudden demise of his father and having 3 sisters , 4 brothers and mother to support , he was forced by life to give up his studies.

Rajesh did everything under the sun with single goal. Feeding his brothers , sisters and making sure that they at least graduate. In those times getting sisters married was huge job with prevailing social evils like dowry.

Rajesh started doing odd job till he settled with a job in textile trading unit. His responsible attitude , his zeal to succeed and his honest character saw him making good fame in the market. Soon rajesh was soughted after employee by traders. After working for 5 years as employee , rajesh finally got financier who wanted to do business of textile trading. Rajesh formed a partnership firm and slowly his business started flourishing.

Having established in textile market , rajesh diversified into retail business of ready made clothes. This business too took off and slowly his brothers started being part of his ventures.

Rajesh still has passion for studies but his business didn’t give him time for pursing his aspirations. It is said that life throws you surprise when you least expect it. His acquaint was thinking of buying a school but had 20% amount short for that. School was primary school and management wanted to sell it off. Rajesh soon jumped into the opportunity and became one of trustees of the school.

His passion for education , his zeal for interacting with students saw some of good reforms in the school. He introduced some programs for interaction with parents , programs for improving concentration of students , interactive studying.

His school was one of first school to have computer in the city. Soon his school saw rise in number of students and they expanded. They also got permission to make it into higher secondary school from primary school.

Rajesh then bought another school and today his tally is 7 schools. Rajesh believes that good education is best service to country and mankind in general.

His other businesses are managed by his brothers while rajesh is into school venture, dedicated , passionate and even at age of 66, nothing is stopping rajesh from pursuing his dream.

Author Name : Sharad Goswami

From School Dropout To School Owner-Motivational Story Of The Day

Sharad goswami is free lancer writer and owns website by name of Indiansawaal.Indian Sawaal Is Blog Dedicated to bring into light all that is important for India. It would discuss indian politics , terrorism in india , war on terror , indo-pak ties , social issues , crime , demographic dividends.

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